complemented in a sentence

Example sentences for complemented

In my department, our static site is now complemented by our departmental blog and announcements site.
He needs to be highly complemented and heard by many.
Both of these renewables would be complemented by an efficient energy storage system.
The program will be complemented by an interactive treasure hunt that integrates puzzles into the show's content.
Those used to be complemented by a city wall and archways.
Academic courses are complemented by those at technical colleges.
Now nearly bald, he has a fringe of dark hair that is complemented by a graying dark moustache.
He also designed a plastic substrate with binding sites whose shapes complemented those of the silicon components.
She wore a dark purple dress that complemented her bump and her skin tone quite nicely.
The scenery is complemented by trailside picnics, swimming breaks at streams and waterfalls, and campfire singing at sunset.
Complemented with sunny rooms, dual-paned windows and modern heating and air-conditioning.

Famous quotes containing the word complemented

In thought and sympathy we were one, and in the division of labor we exactly complemented each other. In wr... more
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