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Scanning and matching the rocks' magnetic signatures, which require more funds to complete, are the crucial complement.
Each of these books was the elaboration or complement of a section of its predecessor.
There is perhaps something missing, a complement by the addition of which the theory would be made completely satisfactory.
The same order of words is required by the copula with whatever kind of complement.
His illustrations complement her accounts of first meetings between notables from the past several centuries.
The museum is designed to complement the story being told in stone on the mountain.
Some contained a full complement of eggs ready for laying.
These three crops complement each other both in the garden and at the table.
But you can also go the savory route and make breads to complement your dinner course.
Judd came up with another way: displaying individual artists in buildings adapted to complement their art.
Hundreds of acres of natural forest complement more than a dozen special gardens.
Fruit sauce makes a sweet-tart complement to a tender baked pancake.
Roman shades come in a variety of styles and can be fashioned from any fabric to complement any room.
While these pavers are beautiful and quite popular, they may not be the best to complement a contemporary home and living space.
The soft gray walls and mushroom-colored concrete counters subtly complement the tile.
Cowboy memorabilia and vinyl booths complement patty melts and breakfast served all day, diner-style.
But nuclear power is not a complement to renewable energy, insist the greens.
It showed that the strands of the helix complement each other.
Some economists reckon that higher taxes would be a useful complement, or even an alternative, to higher interest rates.
Other means of shaping demand are needed to complement it.
They also insist that their phones are meant to complement rather than replace cellular phones.
Among the new media, wikis are the perfect complement to blogs.
Indeed these cultures are so different that they might complement each other quite nicely.
Lawyers do have different training, but they can complement economists.
Not a single department, he says, has its full complement of professionals.
In all advanced countries, public and private research complement each other.
It could well provide a new set of tools to complement monetary policy in the pursuit of those objectives.
First, the cone-shaped rock formations complement the similarly shaped balloons.
The broadcast and the website complement each other, providing a rich experience for students.
It is not a musical film, but the band's songs complement the narrative.
Makes a great complement to core curriculum covered in school.
Plan your brewing schedule to complement your feeding schedule.
Root vegetables can be the foundation of a dish or a flavorful complement to other foods.
The following observations complement those of others.
The park features a full complement of extraordinary expert routes-and it is quite simply nirvana for intermediates.
The spatial study forms a high-tech complement to the low-tech behavioral observations.
As always, the city's more intimate concerts provide a diverting complement to larger fare.
Downing a mouthful of coffee before tasting a whisky is an excellent complement.
And what they find supports the view that the virus started out with a much larger complement of genes.
The work could complement other efforts to reconstruct speech using muscle movements in the vocal tract, lips and tongue.
Oil and gas typically complement rather than compete with nuclear, meeting customer needs during peak demand periods.
They may not only complement each other sometimes, but even inform each other at some stage.
Algae s bragged-up solar complement is likely washed out during algae-oil s production and processing logistics.
Though each film has its deficiencies, as bookends, they complement each other.
It has its humor, its sentiment, its full complement of blood and thunder.
These live specimens, as well as hanging scent canisters, complement informative text panels.
Such stuff is a fitting complement to those little pieces of green sawtooth plastic used in presentation in many sushi places.
She was in many ways the perfect complement to her husband.
It is meant to complement the usual fare of detailed pieces that are typical for this blog.
The immune complement system also works by punching holes into bacterial cell membranes.
Government must not duplicate the action of the free market, but rather complement it.
In industrialized countries, airships could complement existing telephone networks.
Of course, it makes sense that photographs should be enhanced to complement typographical quality.
These two methods complement each other and rely on similar logic.
Their flavors accent and complement the ice cream, letting the nuances of the dairy come through.
Peaceful evergreen forests balance the dramatic ocean shores, and rural wineries complement the eclectic metropolitan cityscapes.
The interviewer wants to see if you will fit in with the company, and how your skills will complement the rest of the department.
Costly rugs, leather couches and artwork complement the steel sculpture on center stage, their luxury or exotic cars.
Individuals with interdisciplinary background that complement existing departmental strengths are encouraged to apply.
Academic responsibility must complement academic freedom.
Think about ways in which your teaching might complement the course offerings.
As someone else wrote, as long as they complement the outfit, then you should be fine.
The library has been offering this service for almost a year now to complement their existing instant messaging service.
Mention both, especially if they complement each other in some way.
Applicants will be prioritized based on research interests that complement the work of existing faculty.
Go in your interview outfit so they can choose colors that complement it.
The history lesson in the article is interesting and seems to be on target, and the comments complement the picture it paints.
They make an excellent complement to cattle, we'd learned.
Print and digital media complement one another in many ways.
These arise because certain skills that immigrants bring into the country complement those of the native population.
Social impact measures based on tweets are proposed to complement traditional citation metrics.
Dollar vans seem to complement the bus service, and they have real advantages.
But more interesting, and perhaps more encouraging, it also contains the germ of a complement.
The cyclorama provided the perfect complement to the occasion.
Beyond that it is up to the garrison to provide them with a full complement of gear.
Storing medical information on a card is a perfect complement to storing the information in the cloud.
Such an efficient bio-energy scheme could complement other renewable sources.
Barely there dress sandals, strong on the patent and pearlized, are the ideal complement for the summer's floral retro shifts.
The first step is thinking about what ingredients naturally complement each other in savory dishes.
With a popular reputation, he needed a rapper to complement his skills.
Discussions led by prominent chefs and leaders in art and design will complement their research.
So he came up with a portable version that is meant to complement existing play structures, not replace them.
Interiors at the museum complement the subject matter so as to profoundly affect visitors' moods.
Apply color to enhance and heighten your personality and complement your personal style.

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