complainant in a sentence

Example sentences for complainant

Another dawns with the prisoner in court, but no complainant.
In those years there has been only one instance in which a complainant subsequently felt the need to go to court.
The press cannot afford this, even if they win they still have their costs and the complainant has none.
In a civil action against an existing permit holder, the burden of proof would be on the complainant to show harm.
Complainant is elderly and ambulates with the use of aids, ie, a walker or wheel chair.
Complainant had made a proper request for advanced annual leave, which was approved by his second-level supervisor.
Complainant continued to receive outstanding evaluations following his complaints of mistreatment.
Complainant received follow-up medical care during which he was treated for elevated blood pressure.
Complainant also made handwritten notes on the slip, including a telephone number to reach the hotel guest, if needed.
Complainant attributed problems with her boyfriend to her emotional and financial state following the termination.
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