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Some people think wind turbines are ugly and complain about the noise the machines make.
At some point you start to think about your job-you don't make enough money, and you complain a lot.
He didn't complain, but only filled the room with his experience of wearing combat boots, and carrying a gun to work everyday.
New housing and business developments, locals complain, have led to an increase in light and noise pollution.
It's downright silly for you warm weather types to complain about walking.
She never seemed to complain but would favor one side more than the other.
Parliamentary observers complain that the fragmented legislature has made the country's politics more negative and short-term.
Applicants complain that the process of seeking help is made tiresome and humiliating.
Its diplomats complain of a few thousand gunmen holding up the whole peace process.
It relates to the returns the industry delivers: investors have more reason to complain about private equity than do voters.
Victims often are reluctant to complain, for fear of retaliation.
In so doing, others complain, it has blurred the line between education and commerce.
Firms complain of high administrative costs and the low quality of applicants.
He wanted to complain that his fellow-inmates were starving.
And businessmen complain that they rarely have a chance to meet him or his ministers.
Yet, they complain about taxes and too much government.
Purists complain of its shrunken grammar and vocabulary.
People whose houses face demolition complain about stingy compensation.
Critics may complain that viewing all behaviour through a prism of natural selection is reductive.
Businesspeople complain endlessly about public-sector education and training schemes.
Companies complain that it hampers recruitment and growth.
But locals complain that the real figure has doubled in the past few years, as farmers have abandoned their land.
Naysayers complain that the proposal is a wheeze to extract more public money and bureaucratic jobs.
Savers may complain but interest rates ought to be low where there is an excess of savings and spending is weak.
Residents complain that the coffeehouses have become hangouts for gang members.
Cabbies here complain their take-home pay is thinner than it used to be.
Let him not complain of being cheated who buys cloth by the pattern.
She has been adjured not to complain of the burden of caring for children she has not wanted.
You'll never hear donors, parents, or politicians complain if the students are enjoying themselves.
Higher-ed leaders certainly complain, quietly, that it does.
She posts the name and address of one of the site's administrators, and urges people to write him to complain.
They complain that their colleagues do not regard part-timers as professionals in day-to-day interactions.
Don't complain about something they technically had the right to do or that they were excessive.
After a few semesters, however, you begin to question the utility of membership in a group of people who do little but complain.
That's a lot of added versatility, and should please the curmudgeons who complain about touchscreen keyboards.
Students tend to complain with the shorted wires get really hot.
If this is the case, you have every right to complain.
Her liver was the main theatre of operations and as long as she stuck to nibbles it did not complain.
Well, there's time to complain and there's time to build.
If one of the aging transformers fails, the local utility may not even know until a customer calls to complain.
Outsourcing affected my income but you don't hear me complain.
Physicists should complain that this kind of work has nothing to do with decent physics.
No, however the cows may complain about dragging a bag around with them.
Parents often complain that popular culture threatens their ability to shape their children's values.
The first is that some patients complain about getting ultrasound gel on their heads and hair.

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