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He has indicated he may simply compile a list of candidates for the council and let other leaders decide.
Compile data and prepare written reports in compliance with departmental and governmental requirements.
Many conservation groups compile information about biodiversity in one form or another.
Ask students to compile a list of motives for building a dam.
But-no one will be sure until they compile enough data.
As you compile your list, keep in mind the following.
The problem with trying to compile a list of nearly perfect cars is you're going to leave something off.
Clients who want to compile a video-photo album can drop off the necessary slides and photographs.
Compile a letter of application, vita and contact information for three references.
Now the people who compile indices are changing the way in which they calculate them to take account of such scarcity.
One of the center's goals is to compile and organize the information so that it can serve as potential evidence in court.
Overall a great chart that obviously took a long time to compile and put together.
But scientists continue to compile proof that it's the basis of life.
He said the state was only trying to compile statistics.
Those who compile the data are aware of this urban heat-island effect, and try in various ways to compensate for it.
Compile all the photographs into an album or wall display.
Then he used software to compile those microphotographs into a high-resolution color digital panoramic view of the yellow band.
These will soon be piped into one central computer which will compile and share this intelligence across the nation.
Compile and maintain statistical and other data and write reports.
Officials have said they need extra time to compile accurate voter lists.
We do not take thousands of mini-snapshots of the world and compile them.
But she was intrigued by the prospect of a database that would compile the available research into a single resource.
Compile an initial list of people for informational interviews.
To compile this data accurately, they need a way of linking one set of information to another.
It's especially frustrating when you were in the middle of a big file transfer or program compile.
First, you can compile and develop material that will make up the literature-review section of your dissertation.
But they also use published statistics to compile water-poverty indices for whole countries.
It's doubtful more than one or two of them were senseless enough to actually compile it.
Compile and present reports in a concise and comprehensive manner.
Supporters insist that this information will only be used to compile statistics.
Editions conforms to your reading habits and tastes over time in order to decide which articles to compile each day.
It's great fun to geek out over formulas that can tell you averages or compile all your attendance for you.
Many iPod users compile special selections of tunes, or playlists, for family listening while in the car.
Various pollsters were corralled to compile the evidence.
Users compile an online list of films they want to see.
Not everyone is organized enough to compile lists and sift through promotional e-mails week after week.
The software let me convert the frames into individual pictures, or compile multiple frames into a movie.
Compile a short-list of agents and invite them to pitch for your account, using your travel policy as a basis for discussion.
The bureau collected figures from law-enforcement agencies around the country to compile the report.
Here they had leisure to study the natives and to compile records.
Poets who compile anthologies--or even reading lists--should be scrupulously honest in including only poems they genuinely admire.
They can criticise and expound verses, and invent theories of poetics, and compile anthologies.
The society is using the money to hire eight part-time annotators, who will help to compile images and videos for the site.
Your ignorance continues by saying that the libraries cannot be checked during compile.
Compile writing samples, teaching evaluations, and letters of recommendation so that you have them close at hand.
Dictionaries take decades to compile, while slang terms come in and out of fashion faster than you can say etymology.
The search giant wants to help you compile your health records online.
There are no reliable statistics on stolen art, since few countries have the motivation or the manpower to compile them.
Unlike precise figures in grams, this would be easier for consumers to understand and for companies to compile.
Every place that uses the agents has to compile a complete list of stocks and track everything that is done with them.
She will compile a list of the different airlines, flight information and prices for you to compare.
Compile a handout that gives students and parents tips on expected trip behaviors.
Research shipping records and the shipping news, and compile two lists.
Compile a list of important information to help you choose the cruise that best suits your needs.
Compile a list of camping supplies you'll need to bring with you.
Search the web or guidebooks and compile a list of companies that conduct dolphin swimming excursions.
Also, you need to compile the program separately for every architecture in your virtual machine.
We compile reports on our investments twice a month.
The data used to compile information on this site has come from many different sources.
Compile and compute data according to statistical formulas for use in statistical studies.

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If I were a maker of books I should compile a register, with comments, of different deaths. He who should t... more
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