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Fortunately for the world, they are less competent, less well-trained.
It can make you more popular, even make you seem more competent.
And that is why competent people have redundant systems and methods to backup the function of primary systems and methods.
Even a competent high school student should have a better grasp of the science than the confusion which you exhibit.
If you want to do the same, make sure you get competent advice from a trainer.
In a normal, human household, infants are surrounded by fully competent language users.
Our students are extremely good, smart, intelligent and competent.
Preparations have been made for a fine show, and the company has been under the direction of a competent trainer for two months.
The honey badgers are competent tree climbers and do break into bee hives during the day.
And there are real opportunities for mathematically competent biologists.
If your integrator is competent, it will recognize when the step sizes are too large to give confidence in the results.
They'll look more competent and knowledgeable when they do.
When a competent corporation prepares a new product, it does market research.
He was granted a reprieve so that the state could determine whether he was mentally competent to be executed.
The farmer who is inventive enough to build a mill is competent to see quickly the adaptability of certain parts to his ideas.
And he entered the process without competent advice.
Many observers posit that the military simply can't figure out what it wants and isn't competent enough to enforce minimal order.
One regional governor told us that he has to micromanage everything because there are so few competent people around him.
If a company had done this, it would have to declare bankruptcy, and make way for more competent businesses.
The writing and thinking are consistently competent, often better than that.
We are not really competent to give informed opinions, although that hardly stopped us from having strongly held views.
In rural areas the difficulty of reaching and keeping students is compounded by the problem of finding competent tutors.
Every generation is, and must be, competent to all the purposes which its occasions require.
They are taught that evaluating sources is the essence of competent scholarship.
Out of hundreds of graduates a small number only will be competent to direct a hospital and training school.
The fund, which knows how to restructure debt, must ensure the process is run in a competent manner.
First, where the financial policemen sit matters less than hiring competent ones.
He points out that computers have areas in which they are competent and others in which they are not.
In the absence of competent chaplains, extremists fill the vacuum.
Better to start with the presidency, since no fundamental economic reform is possible without a competent head of state.
Why not put it the other way: a really competent government doesn't need to be authoritarian.
He is a serious, competent manager and runs charity schemes that help the poor.
The first requirement is a competent and legitimate government.
The fact that any competent engineer would have produced the same answer given the question does not prove lack of innovation.
Although she is impressively competent, she lacks the president's vote-getting charisma.
Being competent to take care of oneself, and imaginative about it-that is a lesson of the series.
The defense counsel for two of the defendants protested that their clients were not competent to make such a decision.
Without competent brush skills, you'll be left looking disheveled.
Web browser is competent, but takes a while to render some pages.
In other words, forget intelligent appliances and say hello to the merely competent refrigerator.
It has a plain and handsome design and while the computer inside isn't the fastest, it is more than competent.
The solid grounds, therefore, of his romance were partly wasted upon an audience not competent to recognize them.
Few critics are, in truth, so competent to discuss the merits and defects of books as the authors who produce them.
Government is competent when all who compose it work as trustees for the whole people.
Yet it is masterly in its way, competent to its purposes and free from obscurity or over-ornamentation.
They will choose competent and faithful representatives for every department.
Yet almost all competent authors agree as to this interpretation of primitive races.
He only attained some degree of confidence in speaking, and some competent experience in it.
Leading and empowering a highly competent staff group are needed skills as well.
Without an educational system capable of producing competent leaders, these sacrifices will be for naught.
We should only keep people on staff who are competent.
Also, if you're teaching real students in your teaching demo, you want the students to perceive you as competent and in control.
Modern business practices rely on the cheapest competent labor.
As many of us know, it's not easy to find competent people to do academic tasks.
As soon as you turn away from reality you become less competent.
Competent lawyers will probably come up with reasons.
Come what may, this was going to be a competent operation.
There is the implication that attending physicians are always more competent to make decisions than are resident physicians.
At last the chance to really involve myself in one area with competent guidance.
Many prisoners are in jail because they didn't have the money to hire a competent lawyer.
With the rise of affordable digital cameras, these days anyone can click a shutter and produce a technically competent picture.
Moreover, capital punishment strikes mainly those who don't have the money to hire competent, motivated and well-paid lawyers.
They toppled regimes in two countries with little history of competent, representative government.
The bounty-hunting industry might not exist if the government were more competent.

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