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Eventually, the colony admitted the trials were a mistake and compensated the families of those convicted.
One of the ways in which he compensated for the loss of his family was interaction with people.
However, this is compensated for by having lightning fast gear and an organized and experienced crew.
Fishermen are compensated for the return of these fish to the wild.
Other fascinating details include where the samurai lived, the weapons they used, and how they were compensated for their work.
The adults, however, compensated for the displacement and took up a heading for their traditional winter quarters.
Eventually, the colonial government acknowledged that the trials were a mistake, and compensated the families of those convicted.
Partners could cash out and other employees could more easily be compensated with stock.
Other such speakers have reportedly been well-compensated for appearing at the group's events.
Bottlenecks would show up fast enough and could be compensated by the driver.
But in the hybrids, every altered gene inherited from one parent was compensated by a normal copy from the other.
Once they had compensated for the downside of their defensive strategy in this way, they had to remain resistant or die.
And so yo know, she was compensated to not sue the chiropractor for malpractice.
Next time, perhaps politely ask if you will be compensated.
That's because both of theses depressive effects can be compensated for by social inducements.
Every great example of punishment has in it some injustice, but the suffering individual is compensated by the public good.
At that time it stood for the abolition of private property in land only, the owners to be compensated in some fashion.
They behaved as if they were starving and compensated with an increase in food intake and a decrease in energy expenditure.
Adults spontaneously compensated, and changed so that the word sounded correct to their own ears.
Furthermore, the inventors can stipulate royalties, so that they still get compensated for opening up these markets.
In this way, the incapacity of us sinners is fully recognized yet fully compensated.
By controlling the amount of wind that is converted to electricity, the control problem of a coal fired plant can be compensated.
The time could be transmitted to us and the transmission time lag could be compensated for.
In my opinion ranchers should not be compensated for anything that happens on public lands to their livestock.
Obviously some of this could be compensated for in development, but it'd be interesting to see how these polymorphisms affect it.
He feels he's created something and should be compensated.
Instead, great teachers should be better compensated and should be afforded new career and leadership opportunities.
There's only reason to complain if you aren't being compensated in fair proportion to your productivity.
At that point, it only compensated a small number of the customers who had been cheated.
After all, improvements in auto safety may have more than compensated for increases in road-rage casualties.
The consensus was that, in the slimmest sense, compensated emancipation was possible.
If some damage has been done, the owner must be adequately compensated.
Doctors make mistakes, and injured patients should be compensated for their losses.
But economists too readily dismiss concerns about those who lose out, saying merely that they can be compensated.
The measure also means that teaching hospitals will treat fewer uninsured patients but be compensated with fewer federal dollars.
What's left: thousands of poorly compensated adjunct teaching positions.
Some, but not all, of those agents are compensated by payments the college makes on the basis of the number of students enrolled.
True, some people are compensated far beyond their merit, and these cases should be examined.
He is also supposed to submit any requests for compensated speaking engagements to the dean's office for review.
As in the case of many captive spouses, often he is not well-compensated for his teaching.
It was insured, but neither of them thought they would be compensated for the painting's full worth.
Compensated cirrhosis means that the body still functions fairly well despite scarring of the liver.
The spread compensated them for the risk of being landed with unwanted inventory in periods of turbulence.
Further, perhaps more accomplished donors would step forward if they were compensated more handsomely for their achievements.
Homeowners will be compensated and offered cheap loans to buy the new houses.
However, in urban driving, this may be more than compensated for using regenerative braking.
Her slight tweaks have compensated for the disturbances she creates.
But these are more than compensated for by the richness of the central argument.
The displaced villagers may be compensated, but they are not allowed to stand in the way of progress.
Managers were traditionally compensated in part according to the number of employees under their control.
And state-controlled companies' bosses may be compensated in a different fashion.
They compensated by squeezing suppliers and dealers to the edge of bankruptcy and through creative financing schemes.
Victims will suspect that, in practice, they will not be compensated.
As people are over compensated while other are under compensated a system can expect to see a pooling of wealth.
Under communism, the lack of private property was compensated for by power and status.
They produced more wealth from higher value exports and that partially compensated for the change in employment.
Moreover, economic interventions typically harm some while benefitting others, and the losers are rarely fully compensated.
For people who are already forced to fly coach, hearing about other folks getting compensated for their trouble must sting a bit.
The general reasoning is that the investor puts capital at risk and should therefore be compensated for doing so.
And the artists, especially the independent artists, still want to be compensated.
We have every right that our cases be heard and a right to be compensated for psychological warfare.
Many jurors are not compensated for the time they spend at court, and are forced to take personal days to serve.
If it's longer than your severance will last, make the case that you should be compensated for the entire time period.
That's how lenders get compensated for the extra risk that comes with longer payback periods.
The farmers say they were not adequately compensated for their land and allege that in some cases, the sales were forced.

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