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But he had no authority to extend or compel its use into the public at large.
On the other hand, suppose that the government feels it cannot compel people to take the shot.
It is irresponsible guardianship on the part of many parents to forcibly compel their children's views in line with their own.
For those of us who look to the skies, two major releases compel attention.
Avatar may have held my attention, but it didn't compel me to enjoy it.
No government policy will be able to compel people invest the money required without causing serious harm to the economy.
BP wants to drill offshore so they compel governments to grant the those powers.
Nothing is so good to teach the use of materials, and to compel to pungency of style.
There were others, it is true, when she dreaded any explanation which would compel her to forfeit her displeasure.
It will have powers of search and seizure, to subpoena witnesses and to compel them to answer questions.
One example that should compel many to figure out what the consequences and implications would be.
Its financial structure does not compel it to change, either.
Some way must be found to compel all newspaper owners to fund and participate in self-regulation.
In short, politicians seem minded to compel newspapers to sign up to a new press code.

Famous quotes containing the word compel

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