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Example sentences for compatibility

Dogs are separated for play according to size and compatibility.
My concern about our compatibility is not so much her unexpected high energy but our personality differences.
Cultural collisions are more interesting than compatibility.
Peavey claims compatibility with any recording, processing, or tuning app.
The potential donor goes for several blood tests to establish compatibility.
Yes, there is extra circuitry for backwards compatibility but that is not that much compared to the rest.
When compatibility issues arise, manufacturers often blame the movie studios.
To be sure, there is no single formula for marital compatibility.
His team has instead been concentrating on reliability and compatibility.
Traveling together can be the truest test of a couple's compatibility.
Standards are used to ensure high performance, reliability, and compatibility.
But our biggest gripe with this cooktop actually is compatibility.
It's that perfect mix of attraction, compatibility, and of course timing.
The lack of true offline compatibility is also annoying to anyone who takes the subway.
They should make clear the incompatibility if they are going to make clear the compatibility.
We had no issues with vehicle compatibility during collisions.
Plug-ins are only possible because symbol compatibility is prearranged for by human agreements.
Their compatibility should have been foreseeable, for they had much in common.
It shows the file type, player compatibility and price.
Among other things, these include political impact, compatibility and geographic diversity of the ticket.
To test the biological compatibility of the new hearts, the team transplanted them into the abdomen of unrelated live rats.
Compatibility determinations are based on what the specific refuge purposes are.

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We must be willing to change chairs if we want to grow. There is no permanent compatibility between a chair... more
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