compartmentalize in a sentence

Example sentences for compartmentalize

Try to compartmentalize your thoughts and build suspense around the transition fun each topic.
To compartmentalize thus is to ignore the power of our example in the world.
Compartmentalize and regulate reactions with membranes then use receptor sites to regulate the membranes.
It would be nuts to compartmentalize the investigations if one were making a serious criminal investigative effort.
It was always my view that they wanted to compartmentalize him.
And it ignores the human capacity to compartmentalize.
Few are able to compartmentalize so completely, and doing so likely has pretty severe costs for all.
If one wants to retain both in one's mind then one needs to compartmentalize them.
It seems many people have the ability to compartmentalize and approach some issues more openly than others.
Instead, people learned to compartmentalize and accept that threat as a regrettable part of life.
We next examine whether the jury could compartmentalize the evidence.
We learn to compartmentalize and then go home and kiss our loved ones.
Sometimes however, the weight of personal issues can prevent even the best pilots from being able to compartmentalize them.
Proper cuts will allow the tree to heal quicker and to compartmentalize any decay that might occur.
Near-vertical dikes tend to compartmentalize areas of permeable volcanic rocks.
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