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My watch was still on the floor beneath the glove compartment.
Flip up the saddle, and it has a handy-dandy storage compartment for a wallet and keys.
The crew compartment crashed into the ocean, killing all seven crew members.
Compartment syndrome is a serious condition that involves increased pressure in a muscle compartment.
In the fourth compartment, algae or plants are grown to produce food, oxygen and water.
To test their hypothesis, they placed the animals in a cage with one well-lit and one darkened compartment.
In these situations, fire extinguishers use different materials--ones that flood a protected compartment with a fire-fighting gas.
The cell, as it synthesizes the molecules, transports each into the appropriate compartment.
In a spasm of righteousness he flung his cigar-case out of the smoking-compartment window.
At the medial border of the latter tendon these two layers join together, forming a compartment in which the tendons are enclosed.
At the back of fire-box is a compartment called the oven, accessible on each side of the stove by a door.
Make sure you keep an ample supply in the glove compartment.
It is spooky how many of the above suggestions have found their way into my three compartment carry-on.
The invisible gnome in my glove compartment has already killed two people.
Organizers, zippers and a padded laptop compartment, protect your belongings while on the move.
Wheelchair-accessible staterooms have modified bathrooms with pull-down seats in the shower compartment.
No explosives may be carried on board or stored in the checked luggage compartment of a commercial airplane.
Must have room for camera compartment, console box and another remote.
Included with the game is an individual storage compartment for each bean bag.
Some airlines allow small dogs to travel in the aircraft cabin, while others allow pets to travel in the cargo compartment.
Pack a carry-on bag that can fit under the seat or in an overhead compartment.
If you travel with a laptop computer, consider a carry-on bag with a padded computer compartment.
Each of the inn's rooms is equipped with microwave and refrigerator with a freezer compartment.
The vehicle collided with a work bench in the garage and resulted in a fire igniting in the engine compartment.
If you're on a train, the conductor will drive it into a special compartment in the underside of the ferry.
The glove compartment was open, but somehow they missed my wallet.
Large main compartment holds clothes and everyday gear.
Single compartment pack intended for fast and light ascents.
When you first board, champagne awaits you in your compartment.
They even contain a compartment where travelers can stow printed itineraries or receipts.
Near the shuttle's tail is a compartment for some of its key engines.
Once the block is removed, the pack can also hold a tremendous amount of gear in the main compartment.
The oversized main compartment that features a padded laptop sleeve, can also double as an insulated reservoir pocket.
Padded main compartment to hold and protect a point-and-shoot camera or camcorder with media accessories.
Large main compartment holds clothes and travel gear.
The lamp compartment is typically located on the bottom of the projector.
Once the compartment is flooded, a hatch is opened overhead.
Some models are hidden in the engine compartment and wired to the car battery.
The game unit has a built-in compartment which can store up to nine games.
The interior compartment keeps leaves out of your teacup while allowing in the full flavor, and can be used with teabags.
And even the underfloor cargo compartment is carpeted.
In fact, there was a pencil and a notebook in the glove compartment.
First, they removed an oblong plastic valise from the storage compartment of their truck.
She gets into a compartment with three soldiers who are drinking.
With the help of a guard and the conductor, the lady eas transferred to another compartment.
She picked that exact same card and they wound up sharing a compartment.
He nods to the chauffeur, who opens the glove compartment.
Writer describes the eight occupants of a certain compartment.
If all it takes is an internal, intensely-folded compartment, then bacteria should have been able to evolve that.
Not everything fits into a perfect category or compartment.
Each neatly labeled, removable compartment had a handle and spout that allowed it to be lifted out and the contents poured.
Dialysis machines filter blood by pumping it out through a catheter and into a compartment with a semipermeable membrane.
The heat then radiates through the cone to the coffee, which is separated in another compartment.
The pack fits into the car's spare-tire compartment and can be recharged by being plugged into an outlet.
The protons are carried through the membrane to the other compartment, where they are combined with oxygen to form water.
It could be easily solved by a standardized battery design, and a standardized battery docking compartment across vehicles.
Included in this department would be a compartment focused on the development of technologic thinking on population growth.
Lifting a slat from the floor, he withdraws a cloth-wrapped opium pipe from a hidden compartment.
The small unit will be installed in the luggage compartment, pump cold air into the car through a grill behind the rear seat.

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