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All this may sound tame compared with the lives of the original homesteaders.
But that was nothing compared to the excitement of today.
Compared with grains, tubers are inherently more productive.
Compared with its geologic history, the diamond's history as an object of human desire has lasted barely an instant.
Their stench has been compared to the scent of a thousand dead elephants rotting in the sun.
The catch is that fossil flowers and fruits are rare compared with leaves.
White people were somewhat overrepresented among full professors compared with their representation among all faculty members.
The resulting list of names could then be compared with a list of students with scholarships.
But foundations' returns still compared favorably to the overall performance of the market.
But the size of the grains of space compared with an atom would be about the same as the size of atoms compared with the sun.
It may be achievable technology compared to the hostility of space.
Similarly, this universe has a finite area, that can be compared with the area of a square constructed with rods.
Compared to the differences made by temperature and air pressure, humidity has a small effect on the air's density.
Compared to incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps are especially efficient in warm climates.
He and other experts compared the animals' skull and body sizes.
The scientists discovered small changes in gene frequency, the relative percentage of an allele compared to nearby genes.
Previous studies have looked only at a thousand or so genetic markers and compared them between three or four populations.
The team then compared these models to the new high-speed film footage, which had captured live fleas leaping.
The team therefore compared different computer models of human expansion to try to iron out such errors.
But home networking companies have it easy compared to water startups.
By this way, even if grammatically the result appears wrong, it seems a great advantage compared with monolingual speakers.
For years, the human brain has been compared to a computer-but it is a computer without a wiring diagram.
Scientists have thus often compared the acquisition of human speech to that of birdsong.
Answers were compared to measure similarity among student pairs.
The actual relationship depends on what types of sequences are being compared and the size of the comparison unit.
They compared the before and after accident rates for those highways, and compared those with highways that had no cameras.
They compared helmet-sensor data with brain imaging scans, along with cognitive tests.
The speed of sound is even more insignificant when compared to the speed of light.
The annual pace of new home sales is down by more than one million compared to the height of the housing boom.
We pay teachers much less compared to other countries.
People who live in poverty are at increased risk of mental illness compared to their economically stable peers.
But that place is a tiny cottage compared to the proposed new headquarters.
These connections were weaker among both the drug users and their relatives, compared to the healthy unrelated volunteers.
There's a clear distinction in a laundry made by washer when compared to a laundry done by using hands.
One study, for instance, compared scans from autistic children under sedation to controls who were wide awake.
The memory test compared increasingly similar objects.
They noticed that the shaking was less pronounced at the site when compared to nearby locations.
And notice how small the human brain is compared to any computer.
Enjoying the perfect shot of espresso, which many have compared to the nectar of the gods.
For answers, we've compared the two couples in hopes of gleaning information about their strangely parallel trajectories.
Surfing was only beginning to get commercialized, and the breaks were uncrowded compared with now.
Compared to what other people are surviving out there in the world, this is not so bad, in the grand scheme of things.
But, compared with the other two, biological weapons received little attention.
In fact, it's pretty good, when compared to other nations.
Compared to a decade ago many of them seem almost cosmopolitan.
The collection is not enormous when compared to the world's great research libraries.
Polymer solar cells are inefficient compared to silicon solar cells, but they are much cheaper to make.
It has limited features, is clunky and slow compared to the desktop apps.
Compared to solvent-based electrolytes, the aqueous electrolyte is also easier to work with and cheaper.
Lithium-ion batteries are used in laptops because they're small and light compared with the alternatives.
The researchers then compared these results with those produced using traditional methods.
As for alternative sources of heavy crude all of them are deficient in every respect when compared to oil sands.
Yet compared with other businesses, the health-care industry has been unmoved by the logic of lowering costs to increase profits.
Today's plastic surgery is going to seem tame compared to what's coming.
The mice with the duplication tended to have smaller brain areas compared to controls, but the effect was less pronounced.

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