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Of all those who for hours stood there in hungry anticipation, comparatively few obtained a dinner.
Slot canyons are comparatively short and unusually narrow canyons that can be several hundred feet deep.
Energy had previously been expensive and severely limited, but nuclear energy is comparatively cheap and effectively unlimited.
One reason for the rapid global spread of nanotechnology is that the entry cost is comparatively low.
For decades this was a comparatively low-risk and low-volume operation, and violence was contained within the drug world.
The prosecutors gathered fresh evidence from around the globe, rendering the military's case comparatively weak.
Comparatively, a large number of immigrants enter our country legally and become citizens legally.
While a decade ago the teleconferencing or video-conferencing software was comparatively primitive, today it is state of the art.
The fact is, she is applying for literature positions but has taught comparatively few literature courses.
From my research so far, corn is a comparatively lousy way to capture and store solar energy.
Hominids only started appearing in the fossil record comparatively recently.
However, the radius of the orbit will also be larger and the net result is that the angular motion is comparatively slower.
Thus, people with comparatively lesser neutrons in their body composition exhibit the effect of dominant proton.
But yes older light can still be comparatively more redshifted than younger light.
Our domesticated animals know a comparatively easy life compared with the existence of prey animals in the wild.
Yet again, these other roles for statin therapy have only been minimally explored and researched, comparatively speaking.
The first light bulbs were comparatively expensive too.
The action melodrama, although it rarely pops its shaggy head into the comparatively effete.
Everybody else looked comparatively mousy in muted blues and grays, as is customary.
Below are some of these well-received nominees that remain comparatively under the radar.
Text messages are charged, but are comparatively inexpensive.
In another war the bombs will be plentiful and they will be comparatively cheap.
He will seek cuts but will be comparatively cautious.
There were several things discovered in the trunk which would seem to make the identification of the body comparatively easy.
In fact, many people feel that for all the dangers, the relationships that develop at work are comparatively safe.
They are eaten with comparatively little zest, and have no real tang nor smack to them.
It should be kept in mind that comparatively few of those who won renown on the field were promoters of rebellion or secession.
The value of the later folios is comparatively small.
For her personal trousseau, a bride can have everything that is charming and becoming at comparatively little expense.
For these reasons, comparatively little need be said about them here.
Most of these were textbooks exerting comparatively little influence outside the colleges.
The use of auxiliaries for forming compound tenses was comparatively rare.
On these comparatively few months libraries have been written.
Our system was supposed to be adapted only to boundaries comparatively narrow.
We were both comparatively boys, and both struggling with poverty in a strange land.
As a matter of fact, comparatively few people are ever anything but well behaved.
Another room on the top floor, that had been examined a few nights before, was comparatively empty.
The last two kinds of totem are of comparatively little importance compared to the tribal totem.
The informal club is always a comparatively small one, but the method of electing members varies.
The infantry was regarded as comparatively worthless, and was neglected till it became really so.
Comparatively, none of the satisfied females attacked their mates.
As it turned out, the stellar demise was anything but a comparatively dull fading into oblivion.
But the rest of our skull can afford to be comparatively flimsier.
The essential problem is that you are heating meat but to a comparatively low temperature.
Often the doses involved are comparatively low, and the drugs are given over long periods.
Here, winter ice makes retrieving and working on the detectors comparatively simple.
But while the comparatively sedate howlers were a researcher's dream, dealing with the spider monkeys was something else again.
As for the price, it really isn't expensive comparatively.
But all we've done is comparatively measure two motions.
That's why there are comparatively few comments over there these days.
Divorce, though rising in some countries, remains comparatively rare.
Some people will be surprised, even dismayed, that comparatively modest climate changes are already doing measurable damage.
Businesses have record amounts of cash on hand, and airlines are pretty much in sad financial shape, comparatively.
These are the problems of ageing populations, and if they sound comparatively mild, think again.
For the larger butterfly, guarding a territory has a comparatively low pay-off compared with seeking out emerging females.
The study is crisp and comparatively short, intended as much for the general reader as for other historians.
In many cases the comparatively low cost of labor will be offset by rising costs of manufacturing in a water-efficient manner.
If the project is a success, other patients will benefit from a surprising application of a comparatively new technology.
And the rise in the oil price, as measured in anything other than the beleaguered dollar, has been comparatively trifling.
Media coverage is comparatively cheap, and the state is small, allowing door-to-door campaigning.
Breeding from these cells should be comparatively easy.
Different kits allow different levels of creativity, from totally free-form sculptures to comparatively straightforward screens.
While lung cancer kills more people worldwide than any other form of the disease, it remains comparatively under-researched.
Comparatively, it's about as powerful as the speakers on an average laptop.
The comparatively slowest layer of coverage will be available anywhere you can use a mobile phone.
It seems as well, that there is comparatively little regulation of the press there.
Plane travel is generally quick and often comparatively inexpensive.
Some travel winds up comparatively cheap and other travel comparatively more expensive.
As a result, researchers know comparatively little about its monuments.
Motels employ a comparatively small number of employees, typically receptionists and housekeepers.
Longer flights tend to be more expensive, while short domestic flights are often comparatively cheap.
Our planet's dense atmosphere and comparatively powerful gravity would have kept the water in place.
If prostheses existed at all, they have been comparatively crude things.
Most shipwrecks are comparatively slow-motion disasters, but there are varying degrees of slow.
Winters can range from comparatively mild with sunny days to frigid temperatures and high winds.
Comparatively few laborers and farmers could afford to build a farm or acquire the necessary tools, seed, and livestock.
The publication of full daily tide predictions is necessarily limited to a comparatively small number of stations.
Comparatively cheap imports are part of the problem.

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