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Teaching interests in comparative issues or political sociology a plus.
Second, the case for free trade depends on comparative rather than absolute advantage.
But his work basically founded the field of comparative anatomy, and modern surgery, too.
Comparing the genomes of different organisms is a burgeoning field of science called comparative genomics.
But this gets comparative advantage completely wrong.
The rough sequencing of the dog genome is the latest advance in the field of comparative genomics.
The key features of the three approaches, in a comparative fashion, are shown in this table.
But that comparative disadvantage has been evaporating of late.
The results reveal the comparative strengths, advantages, and limitations of the various martial arts styles.
In the field of comparative genomics, researchers aim to discover the secrets of evolution and disease.
Comparative advantage is what you do best, no comparison with others.
In comparative planetology, it is essential to collect data from different locations.
Comparative advantage is far more important and useful.
But it is in the area of comparative genomics that the biggest strides are being made.
For homology or comparative modeling of protein three-dimensional structures.
Culture and history also help to decide the sector in which a country has a comparative advantage.
Aspirin would be an ideal comparative drug as it is anti-inflammatory and also interferes with clotting.
He was born and brought up in the midst of poverty and comparative ignorance.
The rankings include for the first time this year comparative data on tuition rates at universities.
When taking an even broader, comparative perspective, monogamy isn't practiced by our closest relatives at all.
For many years he had lived in comparative retirement.
Because of that, some kind of comparative work can be done between both subjects.
To those who have no investigated the matter, a comparative study of available statistics will be somewhat surprising.
Some service tasks will consign you to comparative obscurity.
Katrina would be seen as a comparative lunchtime picnic in a light breeze.
Too many countries are seized by ambitions that bear no relation to their particular comparative advantages.
There is only one such system, so comparative studies are impossible.
Readers seem to be enjoying this comparative approach.
The cost to build that school with partial ice storage was comparative to a sister school constructed without storage.
The comparative advantage of mainstream media is not the ownership of presses, but the collaboration of professionals.
Yet their success emphasizes the comparative neglect of privacy, an equally abstract and easily eroded principle.
After all, comparative anatomy lab exercises should be fairly straightforward stuff.
Well, that would have been the best way to do a comparative scholarly investigation.
What separates the reporters in this movie from their subjects is merely the reporters' comparative lack of power.
The problem for newspapers is that verifying the truth isn't their comparative advantage.
The comparative value of human labor involved in installations is rising correspondingly.

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