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Example sentences for companionship

Being a social animal he will eventually turn to his caregiver for companionship.
His reward, as it turns out, is affection and companionship.
We had coffees and hot cocoas and each others' companionship and were, quite simply, comfortable.
She gave him the companionship and loving support that he craved.
Late one afternoon, desperate for companionship, she drove down the mountain to a neighborhood tavern.
He needed their daily companionship, he said, and feared the germs they might pick up.
Our home also encourages companionship of each other, but not every moment of the day.
Words cannot express how good their companionship was.
Companionship, social status, and fashion sense are more desirable than the olfactory ability or intelligence of the breed.
Their companionship was a source of comfort and strength.
Evidence of our aching need for animal companionship doesn't stop there.
In addition to companionship, this ruminant provides lovely cheese for much of the year and also keeps a lawn well trimmed.
With opportunistic savvy, she serves beer and companionship to both government soldiers and rebel militias.
Acknowledging a partnership between two people not for reproduction but for companionship.
Maybe the need for companionship and the comfort of a durable relationship will become more important.
One would find it though difficult to claim they are perceived as a pleasant companionship or as desirable neighbors.
Obesity, limited roaming space, and lack of companionship are thought to contribute to the early deaths.
He is not lacking for human companionship by any stretch of the imagination.
Dogs have chosen to walk with us for a long, long time, long before there was more comfort than companionship and a fire.
Youthful companionship and up-to-the-minute diversions made potent but ultimately ineffective elixirs.
T he problem was, this craving for companionship extended only to accomplished adults.
The ascendant emotion nowadays seems to be a longing for cosmic companionship.
He is also aware that even his own friends would never credit the companionship resolution.
His later companionship with heretics will prolong his own adherence to error.
And he has obviously given her the comfort of his companionship.
Both travelers are alone and in search of companionship, so they end up spending the night together.
Most of us think of our dogs as loving, loyal pets that provide us with comfort and companionship.
Apart from a propensity to pounce on prey, cats' aloof elegance has long made them the choice for animal companionship.
Out of it once in a while comes music, companionship, stately consolations.
Others suggested that the benefits of companionship and social life are obvious.
Sometimes, it really is about companionship and conversation.
We treat some as sources of food and others as sources of companionship, entertainment, or education.
The students won't be distracted by your visit, engaged as they are in companionship and flirtation.
But, in their case, misfortune rather than vice was the reason of their appearance in such doubtful companionship.
Her common duties were no longer wearisome: for the first time, she experienced the delicious companionship of thought.
In the last song, he begs a distraught organ grinder for his companionship.
Companionship rather than parental convenience became the goal of matrimony.
They're designed to provide companionship and entertainment.
Harder was selling the idea of for-pay companionship to the public and government-subsidized health-care gatekeepers.
Ultimately, there is sure to be a showdown between the twin promises of utility and companionship.
Children abandoned physically or emotionally by their parents look elsewhere for companionship, acceptance and values.
They're almost human in their desire for human companionship.
He leads them into temptation and, in a parody of human companionship, lends them a helping hand.
He liked the companionship of the ride nearly as much as being at the lake.
Companionship is one of the pleasures of life, but anonymity is another.
Companionship and elegant comforts provided the relief that was still needed to his recurring depressions.
At such a time, to some people companionship is a comfort, others shrink from dearest friends.
The advantage of this form of companionship was that it did not put too great a strain upon one's conversational powers.
Accident counts for much in companionship as in marriage.
Order granting parenting time or companionship or visitation rights.
Veterans of past wars have long found companionship over beer and conversation at their local veterans hall.
On a longer trip, however, you may find that the companionship is worth the trouble.
Someone may be seeking a partner as a security blanket or for monetary reasons rather than for harmonious companionship.
She also receives companionship from the volunteer driver.

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