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Example sentences for community service

Community service is work performed by an offender for the benefit of the community as a formal or informal sanction.
The team usually works with other local service groups or high school students looking to fulfill community service hours.
Tells about his community service work, which was extensive.
Typically, buyers spend a night in jail and are sentenced to a few days of community service.
Rather than host the usual protest, these librarians chose to do what librarians do best: they provided a community service.
Vick should to community service caring for all animals that have been treated cruelly.
Required community service may do some good for the community and the welfare recipient's self-esteem.
If a tax were imposed, stations' critical community service efforts could be reduced.
Stoically, she settled for a modest post in the state's department of education, steering high-schoolers to community service.
Instead, they have been allowed to spend that time doing community service.
But schooling also included extra-curricular activities, sports and community service.
As to a community service requirement, sure, but not a public works one.
Long hours of community service should be the minimum for any offender, whatever their age.
Catch them and sentence them to extensive community service.
Incarceration is usually the step after several community service orders.
The next part involves the community service project, using the trucks to carry supplies to the project sites.
Knowledge of relevant softwares and keen interest in teaching, learning, and with community service experience.
Many colleges talk about their community service, but it has always been an explicit goal of the education here.
In addition, academic programs support our land grant designation by integrating instruction with research and community service.
Most of my community service or socially engaged work is considerably less radical than it was.
Ideal candidates will have a strong commitment to academic excellence, community service, and diversity.
Students and faculty also contribute through community service in health care, education, social services and the arts.
They all pleaded guilty and were sentenced to probation and community service.
All community partners will benefit as a shared destiny is forged through volunteerism and community service.
Helping others: community service ideas, community service projects.
Issues surrounding juveniles doing community service are addressed.
Community service is volunteer action taken to meet the needs of others and better the community as a whole.
Veteran center recognized for play on field, commitment to community service.
To supplement the stories in this section, here are some online resources for those interested in community service.
Community service is integrated into the school day.
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