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Example sentences for communing

Most of the objects in the exhibit were used in ceremonies aimed at communing with the dead.
They transcend the boundaries of their bodies and their species by trusting, caring for, and communing with us.
Thanks to technology, you really have no excuses left for avoiding communing with the divine, even during the dog days of summer.
Enjoy spectacular views and communing with nature for free or no more than a few dollars a day.
He sang as if he were alone, communing with his guitar.
We are looking forward to learning, sharing and communing with all our open-source compatriots.
But communing with nature need not mean roughing it.
So next time the night sky is clear, grab the family and head outside for some communing with the stars.
Whether one is communing with a divinity is another matter entirely.
But some communing around flames is, compared with what has gone before, positively cathartic.
But let's face it--communing with nature doesn't always mean one breathtaking vista after another.
Communing with dolphins seems a curious beginning for a career hunting whales with harpoon guns.
Skiers will enjoy the peaceful trails in the park, communing with nature while improving fitness and having fun.
The innovative design provides private and companion suites as well as areas for communing, dining and entertaining.
His writing is, as he alleges, a communing with bis own soul.

Famous quotes containing the word communing

I cease my song for thee, From my gaze on thee in the west, fronting the west, communing with thee, O comra... more
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