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Unknown to those around him, he was also working on the theory behind information and communications.
Communications and information-gathering capabilities are either rudimentary or non-existent.
We finally are building communications systems that approach the limits defined in that paper.
During emergencies, the importance of our country's communications systems becomes clear.
Secure wireless-communications systems and sophisticated radar have transformed warfare.
Most governments say they are in favour of economic growth and broader access to communications.
Sociologists in particular are trying to figure out how mobile communications are changing interactions between people.
Now operators are having another go at machine-to-machine communications.
Transport and communications links have taken away the sense of remoteness felt by past generations.
The effect is bigger in developing countries than developed ones, due to the paucity of existing communications infrastructure.
The past three decades have seen an astounding evolution of computers and communications technology.
The storms can disrupt satellite communications, cause power outages, and expose astronauts to high amounts of radiation.
Their homeland is remote, located in desolate mountains, without easy access or modern communications.
Used in regular communications, these devices would allow messages to be transmitted around the world.
Employees need to be a primary audience for your communications.
In its place, radio communications would provide instant, long-distance wireless communication.
The cells of an organism are nodes in a richly interwoven communications network, transmitting and receiving, coding and decoding.
We have a good law enforcement system in place, keeping up with communications and informing the public throughout the year.
Once the goal is established, then a communications strategy is established.
It is also fun to listen to the communications between the pilots and the ships.
Since they are abstract symbols they seem to be communications.
The runway may be intact, but the control tower lost communications after the quake.
Today, new technology and different kinds of demand have changed the way communications satellites are used.
Thanks to fiber optics, the future of communications will be written in lines of light.
Trying again: stratospheric airships for communications.
Meanwhile, digital computers are increasing exponentially in processing power, memory storage and communications bandwidth.
Communications, in this go-round, has been shoved to the backseat.
Finally,notice our current preoccupation with communications technology.
Autism has some of these same mis communications in the neuron communications.
But the communications with the dead went by without raising a single goose bump on this suggestible viewer's skin.
Its expanded empire stretched from sea to sea, integrated by revolutionary innovations in transportation and communications.
The archdiocesan communications director urged the parents not to report the matter to the police.
The communications usually arrived with books of his or contained comments on books of mine.
Such exterior communications are inevitably vulnerable to interference by the enemy, in the form of jamming.
By manipulating the ionosphere one could block global communications while transmitting one's own.
Neurons seem to be the brain's workhorse cells, carrying out all the crucial electrical communications.
The lander will sustain payload operations with generous power and communications.
The logic of the situation compelled authorizers to intervene in private as well as commercial communications.
Who knows what else we'll develop in the future to make our communications much more efficient.
They could claim the rocket was launched for a new type of survey or communications satellite.
While few grocers work in eight dimensions, many people who work in modern communications do.
If it communicated with us, science could study those communications.
Crisis-communications experts the university brought in that weekend agreed.
Now you run your own marketing-communications business.
She or he should have a working knowledge of public relations and communications.
Candidates must be innovative and creative, and must possess superb communications skills and a collegial leadership style.
Communications are essential to any business operation.
The following are answers to frequently asked questions about communications appropriate for the amateur service.
Public safety officials make decisions about communications equipment policies and practices every day.
Most communications equipment operators work as switchboard operators or telephone operators for a wide variety of businesses.
It is temperature-controlled, with all modern communications set up.
News of the disaster immediately spread across the battalion communications net.
He travels everywhere with two laptops, one for secure communications, the other for everything else.
In the car he shifted the radio from station to station, seeking special communications.
Roads and communications infrastructure are not well developed.
With no communications, the opposition can never organize.
The next step in the evolution of mobile communications may be aimed at people who are stuck in the office, not on the move.
When you are under fire, it may be more important to be able to call for help immediately than to maintain covert communications.
Electrical communications have made carriers, with freak exceptions, obsolete.

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