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Authoring, communication, and publication are being transformed by information technology.
Business, banking, and commerce all depend on information flow and are facilitated by new communication technologies.
With all the communication that's happening and all the opening of boundaries, the connections are there.
The artists have adapted to a lucrative form of communication and raised their level in society to innovators and leaders.
The substance that made them so valuable to whalers is now understood to play an important role in communication.
About the sixth week the two parts of the pancreas meet and fuse and a communication is established between their ducts.
The nerves which form it are nearly equal in size, but their mode of communication is subject to some variation.
The right atrioventricular orifice is the large oval aperture of communication between the right atrium and ventricle.
There they exercise themselves in music, or else in honest and wholesome communication.
Few journalists use secure-communication tools, even ones that are widely available and easy to use.
The arguments advanced in this communication seem to me, cogent and unanswerable.
Linguistic communication, as communicated through cartoons.
In some respects, texting is a giant leap backward in the science of communication.
In the race to keep up with technology, communication cables are commonly strung above ground.
Lines of communication could be much more easily traced between texts, and relationships drawn.
But opening lines of communication for patients seems self-evident to me to be good for care and service.
Issues of legal culpability aside, no one is presenting the episode as a model of effective crisis communication.
Students need grounded experiences writing with modern tools of communication and collaboration.
When properly conceived and used, a checklist ensures communication and confirmation among members of a team and catches errors.
Must be a self starter with strong leadership, management, and communication skills.
As others have said, you need a lawyer and need to direct all communication to that lawyer.
And that poses a real challenge, because so much of our professional communication these days takes place via e-mail.
Ever growing economic, transportation, and communication networks make this global give-and-take possible.
Advances in communication and transportation have created a rich, unprecedented mixing of cultures throughout the world.
The researchers think these glows are used for communication, such as to warn other squid of danger or for attracting a mate.
Widely separated places are interconnected as a consequence of improved transportation and communication networks.
In the same way, dinosaurs' changing appearances might have also promoted visual communication.
The cords provide air as well as video feeds from the helmet cameras and two-way audio communication.
Identifying future ocean leaders and providing them with communication tools to fulfill their promise.
There's also increasing anger over a lack of communication, consultation, and mitigation.
And, faintly through the puffs and splashes, the high-pitched squeaks and whistles of dolphin communication.
We establish partnerships through networking and careful communication.
The management of existing prejudice and communication barriers must be factored into the design.
Radio communication at sea quickly evolved into an indispensable safety aid for mariners.
The storms can knock out satellites, disrupting communication, and endanger astronauts.
But for now, the sole means of expression and communication is via photo images.
But it also heralds a new means of communication whose impact might rival even that of the telephone.
People who talk in a more melodic way have a stronger bead on social communication.
Communication and competence are key, study suggests.
The concept of increasing diversity in science and science communication has worked in my favor.
Additionally rising communication between societies and human kind is caused a reduction of violence.
Often spacewalks are done with two spacewalkers and there is continuous communication.
There's no question that the use of metaphors is a powerfully effective communication tool.
It can harm communication, social skills and education.
Every node in the power grid should be awake, responsive and in communication with every other node.
Thank you for the informative coverage of how risk taking in science communication can yield teachable moments.
Although many animals have their own form of communication, none has the depth or versatility heard in human speech.
No problem, the first step to solving the over arching problem is to fix the communication issues.
The intimacy level is so heightened with a kiss that types of communication exist that are outside the realm of spoken language.
Tough for long-term patients and schizophrenic whose only communication with other patients was through bargaining for cigarettes.
Then it, too, releases communication signals down the line.
Fiber optics and digital imaging have been instrumental in revolutionizing communication and computing.
Effective communication using language would be an important development to aid survival and improved cooperative group activity.
The future of communication may lie somewhere in the middle.
Science-art is becoming an increasingly popular form of science communication and entertainment.
The patent points out that networked portable devices which employ infra-red or radio-frequency communication have limitations.
Globalisation should be viewed a a positive step forward in the era of digital communication.
Of course, communication cannot be a one-way street.
What she means is that there is something inorganic, derivative and inauthentic about a lot of mobile communication.
And when teenagers collaborate about these video games, they are expanding their communication skills as well.
It hardly comes as a surprise that she decided to switch from chemistry to the study of animal communication.
It may be a reflection of communication skills, not lasting value.
Modern technology allows instant, cheap communication.
And an old form of communication may stage a comeback in a different form.
But if the objective of price stability is defined over the longer term, communication becomes more complex.
And he expected short, direct lines of communication.
They identify radio-equipped headgear allowing direct communication from coach to player.
The service will feature a personal account system to allow for multiple users of a device and to bolster online communication.
Scientists keep watch for communication from aliens.
But communication between many organizations and agencies is often stove-piped.
Electricity powered the telephone communication system that allowed small local markets to become big national markets.
For another reason, throughout the crisis, the two heads of government kept channels of personal and official communication open.
We think of gossip as being petty, rumor-inducing, and generally an unsavory means of communication.
It's both a structural problem and a failure of communication.
Making the leap from friends to business partners is not always easy, but with open and honest communication, it can be a breeze.
He was fascinated by the haiku of taxicab communication-the way drivers and dispatchers succinctly convey locations by radio.
But at the same time it's always great to have an open communication with the costume designer or the hair-and-makeup designer.
Even after she was baptized, they were still in communication.
He wasn't comfortable using the telephone, as he believed body language would play a vital part in our communication.
That's the communication that went down to the field.
The mystery arises because literature invokes aspects of language other than that of communication.
Language cannot be reduced to communication even if its other functions sometimes take second place.
After viewing the videotapes, he concluded that what appeared to be communication was mere imitation.
The lack of communication between autonomous groups within the movement had been a constant problem.
The originality and the quality of these e-books would legitimate a new form of scholarly communication and revive the monograph.
The point of the comparison is to contrast two competing modes of scientific communication, as embodied by our two heroes.
It goes into demography: how groups are formed, how they compete, how communication evolves.
Dangerous outages may cut off communication between the tower and the plane.
As automakers put more communication technology into cars, regulators must decide if it's safe.
The researchers deciphered the communication protocol by experimenting with different parameters of the radio transmission.
Online, he had what it took-good communication skills.
But such devices often require costly proprietary communication networks.
Once in the body, the radio could provide wireless communication between the tiny biological sensors and an external monitor.
The platforms can overcome barriers to communication, such as location and position within the organization.
The idea is to develop software to translate sign language into text, easing communication between the hearing and the deaf.
There are much more power efficient wireless communication technologies available now.
It's a new form of communication that's about ambient awareness and instant insight into people's lives.
So power efficient model with all the basic communication features with some style is always accepted.
So, it is important to keep the lines of communication open.
Expect changes in your career, and glitches in communication.
We really look at what the recommender thinks of the applicant's communication skills and teamwork skills.
And we've learned some things over the years in the art of communication.
Make sure the battery's charged to avoid communication blackouts.
Stay in communication, and keep track of the details.
Words have meaning, else communication is impossible.
In this day and age, with such immediate communication, such mistakes are understandable.
Some environmental advocates want to double down on the current communication strategy.
Initial contact is made through the sites via e-mail, with subsequent communication usually by phone.
He should sometimes bone up on some of the day-to-day skills of communication.
Communication is a fundamental skill that is integrated into team building and team success throughout any workplace.
Virtually every day, crisis and emergency risk communication is needed somewhere in public health.
Before developing health communication or social marketing campaigns, you have to do your research.

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