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And the observer as well must have a capacity for such ideas, or he will have lost something which the artist has to communicate.
The animals use sonar information to navigate, hunt, and communicate in murky waters.
The dolphins use their sonar to find the mines and later communicate that information to sailors.
Ability to interpret technical information and communicate to users with varying levels of technology literacy.
There's a world of difference there, and it has to do with being able to communicate the ideas.
Academics often resort to slides to communicate information to listeners.
Few contemporary economists appreciate the importance of the ability to communicate one's ideas to a broader public.
The result: doctors don't communicate, information is fragmented, and medical care suffers.
It's a great way to gather information, communicate and shop.
Family rooms are gathering places that should exude a relaxed style and communicate warmth and playfulness.
Aside from the geckos, they don't vocalize to communicate with other members of the same species.
Dance and its integral partner music have been used since the beginning of time to communicate the full range of human emotions.
They communicate with distinctive calls and whistles.
His radio was on the fritz, but never mind: while airborne he would communicate with us on the ground through a series of kicks.
Although he was cautious-using encrypted e-mail to communicate with a reporter-his leak was discovered.
Somehow elephants communicate with one another quite clearly.
Most important, to no one else did he so directly communicate his artistic opinions.
The ability to attract positive attention-that's key-and to communicate clearly an interesting idea about a product or service.
His style varies dramatically during this period, depending on the emotion he was trying to communicate in a particular painting.
In the leg, its branches communicate with those of the posterior femoral cutaneous.
They communicate with the meningeal veins and the sinuses of the dura mater, and with the veins of the pericranium.
The branches to the prostate communicate with the corresponding vessels of the opposite side.
The articular disk is sometimes perforated in its center, and the two cavities then communicate with each other.
Filaments from the nerve communicate with the thyroid branches from the middle cervical ganglion.
But he was also aware that mere description is no business of the poet who describes only to communicate feeling.
These are stellate in shape and communicate with one another by numerous offsets.
The upper branches are small, and communicate with the cardiac branches of the sympathetic.
Some even use pigments that reflect it to attract mates and communicate.
Chameleons change their skin color to hide and to communicate.
By playing, they learn how to communicate and get along with each other.
Geckos also became the only lizards with voices, which they use to communicate.
Sometimes it helps the animal communicate with other chameleons.
They are the only lizards that use a voice to communicate.
The new devices can measure, observe, and communicate an ever increasing amount of data.
These air spaces made the skulls light but strong and could have helped dinosaurs breathe, communicate, and hunt.
Elephants use infrasound to communicate many types of messages over long distances.
The results are improving our understanding of how cells, such as those that make up the nervous system, interact and communicate.
In other words, he obviously used words to communicate a visual experience.
To find one another they must communicate clearly over large distances.
The brain's neurons communicate by transmitting electrical impulses along their axons.
They learn to communicate with each other, using their minds.
As they do, college financial-aid offices must learn to communicate effectively with that population.
Finalists for the position must communicate well, complete an interview process, and give a teaching demonstration.
Finalists for these positions must communicate well and successfully complete an interview process with department faculty.
Perhaps faculty members have failed to communicate a belief in these students.
More wishes to communicate securely with, he will need a copy of their public key in order to encrypt his messages to them.
Make the résumé visually effective to communicate professionalism and clarity.
It is essential in such situations to be empathetic, to communicate effectively, and to avoid reacting defensively.
It does not matter how much you know if you cannot communicate it appropriately to other people.
Ability to communicate effectively with people from various cultural backgrounds.
For models on how to communicate well, college leaders looked to one another.
Many of those in business pride themselves on being able to communicate anything to anyone.
Some colleges send out e-mail messages saying a decision has not yet been made, but many don't communicate with candidates at all.
Introspection suggests that gesturing not only helps people communicate but also helps them to think.
The better they communicate, the better grade they'll get.
Most secondary-school pupils have their own mobile telephones, and they use an abbreviated phonetic language to communicate.
These cells communicate using a messenger molecule called serotonin.
Rare indeed are economists who use humour to communicate their theories.
He was the first to import television screens and cameras to communicate with the offstage band, a device now in common use.
But how you communicate is a huge factor in how successful you are.
Dealers live and work in heavily-fortified villas, and communicate via satellite.
Someone holding the old version can communicate only with others using the old version.
She is not aware, she cannot communicate and she will not recover.
But she cannot drive a car and can communicate with her boss, the minister of education, only via closed-circuit television.
Much of current leadership teaching focuses on how to communicate with, and respond to the needs of, employees.
The human players could not communicate with each other.
Studying the arts can help businesspeople communicate more eloquently.
Bureaucrats in the capital seem not to communicate with the locals.
Brain scan allows unconscious patient to communicate.
Brain cells thought to be bystanders communicate using chemicals.
Most nerve cells use messenger chemicals to communicate.
New experiments are settling a century-long debate between two camps over how neurons communicate.
Images of interacting immune cells reveal structured connections similar to the ones neurons use to communicate.
The high-tech device enables the patient to communicate his thoughts to a computer, which translates them into spoken words.
Brain cells, called neurons, communicate with one another through electrical impulses.
Higher frequencies do not carry as far in the water, reducing the distance over which they can communicate.
Autism greatly weakens an individual's capacity to socialize and communicate.
And some sufferers simply can't communicate how they're feeling.
Tan is also developing the fish so they will be able to navigate and communicate with each other.
When the soldiers of the future want to communicate, they'll read each other's minds.
We think of video as a way to communicate with others-but it's becoming a way to communicate with ourselves.
Controllers already communicate from afar while planes are en route, but this will be a first for tower operations.
Then they organized other groups and had them communicate electronically.
My wireless mouse could not communicate with the precise timing that is needed.
Shell is always looking for ways they can improve, including how well they communicate with you.
Most of these computers communicate over a shared internal network.
Gao's system, designed to help doctors communicate with patients, can be extended to other languages and situations.
Fans at the same show could use the application to communicate with each other and the band.
Second, let them communicate with other smart cars around them.
The processor consists of two qubits linked by a quantum bus that enables them to communicate.
At times, however, it would be useful for the application and hardware layers to communicate more directly.
Neurons communicate by sending electrical messages to each other.
These meters can communicate with the utility and with other networked devices--usually via a wireless network of some type.
Humans need language both to think such thoughts and to communicate them.
There are exceptions and variations to this story, but that is the usual way neurons communicate with one another.
Deaf humans make great efforts to communicate, easily learning hundreds of signs.
It became difficult for theorists in different specialties to communicate with one another, let alone with experimenters.
Between these two periods their relations were strained and they did not communicate.
Policies communicate priorities and an ongoing commitment to a specified direction.
But they also reveal a slow process of learning how to communicate.
The best way to communicate is not a telephone or telegraph.
With a slight tightening of the skin between the eyebrows, bosses can communicate killer exasperation.
You've got to be able to communicate with the people.
Tommy doesn't know where he is, and he can't communicate with anyone.
If you are going to rebrand, it should communicate a strategy.

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