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Example sentences for commune

Eventually though, she finds there's much more to the group's commune than meets the eye.
Today's ideal social form is not the commune or the movement or even the individual creator as such.
Other cultures have a more comfortable relationship with the deceased, and even commune with the spirits of ancestors.
It gives you a chance to commune with nature, family or friend's time, and involve yourself in the local culture.
The main thing is to commune with space enthusiasts.
Only someone who has fully bought into the concept of a national commune would believe this.
It was at once political theater, countercultural commune, and recruiting agent for progressive causes.
They wanted to commune with nature but were not particularly keen on feeling totally alone.
Both had dreamy plans about starting a commune of artists.

Famous quotes containing the word commune

Who keeps the tavern and serves up the drinks? The peasant. Who squanders and drinks up money belonging to the peasant <... more
The family endures because it offers the truth of mortality and immortality within the same group. The family endures be... more
Softly now the light of day Fades upon my sight away; Free from care, from labor free, Lord, I would communemore
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