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But it still escapes many politicians, who blindly uproot flowers, ignorant of the celestial commotion that may ensue.
He is drowned out by the shouts and general commotion.
Firecrackers were let off in droves, and there was much commotion on the street.
Then he named a figure that forty years ago would have caused a commotion.
Nobody seemed particularly distracted by the commotion.
Obscured by all the commotion was the fact that, in this cold-war buildup, the weakest arm may still make all the difference.
But several customers express dismay about all the commotion.
Feathered commotion blocks the view, and it's unclear whether the romp is successful.
The grizzly may have curiously swiped at the tent with its daggered claws and then reacted to the inevitable commotion inside.
The exhausted group huddled near a pillar, wide-eyed at the commotion around them.
They also come to see their crate as a safe haven away from noise and commotion if necessary.
When he's afraid he now cowers by me rather than attacking, but when there's commotion or excitement he bites.
After the initial commotion over green mangoes, a kind of truce would begin, a time of quiet anticipation.
Accused of being fake, witchcraft and simply impossible, this model will surely cause a commotion among friends and foes alike.
There was a commotion in the air, made up of many threatening sounds, coming upon us from the sea.
Neither the size of the boat nor the commotion caused by the paddles in any way affected them.
He was about to enter to give his guests notice of what he had seen when he heard a violent noise and commotion in the hall.
The court, to punish the citizens for this commotion, taxed them two hundred pounds weight in gold.
With all the commotion, one moose wisely bolts, clambering over a fence and heading off in an ungainly trot.
After the commotion between the three of them, life had settled down to two and one.
Imagine how scared he probably is at all the commotion.
At first glance, it might seem strange that a harmless group of bacteria such as coliforms could cause such commotion.
The viciousness and commotion of the strike still haunt me in a good way.
Drawn to the commotion and smoke, a large crowd had gathered hoping to gain a glimpse of the fire.
Upon hearing the shouts and commotion, they fled in the dark to an adobe building nearby where they would have more protection.
Some anglers even target large brown trout by fishing after dark when there are fewer anglers and less commotion on the stream.
He was detained by citizens who heard the commotion.
On a calm day, their commotion can be heard from more than a mile away.
While this was going on, coworkers heard the commotion and called the police.
The co-worker heard the commotion, ran to the machine, and shut it off.
Neighbors heard a commotion and called the police, but the thieves were long gone.
Some are excited by the commotion and some are scared by the storm.
State road workers heard the commotion, and ran towards the shouts.
Not since jaws has a piscine predator caused such a commotion.
But when the team reached their village with wheelbarrows full of broken figurines, a commotion ensued.

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