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Stingrays are commonly found in the shallow coastal waters of temperate seas.
Foreclosure commonly represents the end of a struggle.
She pointed out that natural foods that are safe for adults commonly turn out to be unsafe for embryos.
Studies commonly find that teaching hospitals have better outcomes than non-teaching hospitals.
In the race to keep up with technology, communication cables are commonly strung above ground.
The fashion world is commonly accused of taking itself too seriously.
People commonly offer to provide additional materials.
Offers from outside are commonly used for negotiation purposes internally.
And these are among the dozens of commonly made errors.
Adults can have the same condition, though much less commonly.
Surgery is not commonly done if the cancer has spread to lymph nodes in the neck.
Anti-seizure drugs, also called anticonvulsant drugs, are commonly used for treating epilepsy and bipolar disorder.
It differs from the more commonly used housing price-to-income ratio.
Newer, sophisticated alternative financial products are also commonly used.
Cannot overstate is more commonly seen and heard, as you say-in fact, it's much more common.
So let's create one based on commonly held explanations of what defines an economic depression.
Or, as it's more commonly known, taking yourself too seriously.
Rallies commonly feature children wearing bombers' belts.
The claim that free-range meat is a healthier option is a commonly heard bit of culinary wisdom.
It seems to me that the character of our footgear signifies more than is commonly supposed.
Coffee has to stand apart in the number of basic ways one commonly named beverage can be made.
Premature individualism commonly ends either in a reaction against the original whims, or in a mannerism which perpetuates them.
In this country requests for identification are commonly answered with a driver's license.
The programme particularly appeals to would-be entrepreneurs and is commonly used as a launching pad for new businesses.
Then a salty solution, commonly containing lithium bromide, absorbs the refrigerant vapours.
Details of the design remain a secret, because good ideas are commonly copied within a year.
German newspapers commonly charge for articles from the archives, which may not be all that old.
More commonly, clients are small firms that want to link cheaply to the global market.
Locusts were not commonly eaten at the time, but they have since become popular.
Commonly reported feelings of relief or elation were absent.
But now demand from emerging economies is helping to prop up rich-world exports to a larger degree than is commonly realised.
GM commonly launches new products with huge fanfare yet the products become utter failures.
One treatment commonly administered with a catheter is cardiac ablation therapy.
It is a commonly held view that evolution implies progress, even among those who believe in natural selection.
More commonly it has a life span of seven or eight years.
Daniels is the owner of seven tortoises, as terrestrial turtles are commonly known.
Bring in some commonly-used spices for students to smell.
Illicit use ketamine is commonly diverted from veterinary sources.
Since hot spots are easiest to locate where the crust is thinnest, they are commonly found on seafloors.
In the process, they create what are commonly referred to as shooting stars.
However, the birds commonly keep up a racket of vocalization, which suggests that they are not trying to remain hidden.
Acupuncture is an alternative treatment commonly used to relieve pain.
More commonly found on the ground, ring-necked pheasants can take rapidly to the air when startled.
Needlefish are commonly seen schooling near the surface of tropical and subtropical waters.
Treated wastewater, also known as reclaimed water, is commonly used for irrigation and industry.
Several tour organizations travel to the frigid land commonly populated by penguins, seals and whales.
The system is so inefficient that applicants commonly have to wait two years for a decision, prompting them to hire lawyers.
Partly because my family is commonly afflicted with all kinds of bizarre and stressful issues that aren't always treatable.
The medulla is usually wanting in the fine hairs covering the surface of the body, and commonly in those of the head.
The preauricular sulcus is more commonly present and better marked.
The question of antiquity, however, is complicated by the doubt which is commonly felt as to the unity of the poem.
To guard against this, a thick and well-stuffed doublet was worn underneath, under which was commonly added an iron breastplate.
Among a people who are fond of spectacles the attention is more lively than is commonly believed.
What is read twice is commonly better remembered than what is transcribed.
Bats are creatures of the night that are commonly held in fear.
Conversely, dinosaurs are commonly found in areas that were once fluvial settings and in regions of extreme aridity.
The researchers investigated the honey's activities versus three bacterial species that commonly infect wounds.
Most of the particles were plastics commonly used in clothes-polyester and acrylic.
Cocci and blasto more commonly involve skin and bone, so there are some differences, but there probably are more similarities.
As a result, the on-spot treatments are commonly recommended by veterinarians.
The doomsday rule is now more commonly known as the doomsday algorithm.
There's lots of solvents and other substances that used to be commonly worked with but are now treated as highly toxic.
Success is commonly defined as obtaining the highest level of something.
The diabetic mouse model has not always translated well to humans, and commonly used knockout mice represent an extreme condition.
Tandem cells, commonly employed in conventional solar panels, increase power output in two ways.
Petroleum is commonly used to make plastics and various chemical products, such as fertilizers and solvents.
Stents are expandable stainless-steel scaffolds commonly used to prop open clogged arteries.
The first gene came from a microbe commonly used in the production of cheese.
When physicians perform cancer biopsies on organs such as the prostate gland, they are commonly guided by ultrasound scanners.
Commonly found in catalytic converters used in cars.
Many materials commonly used in electronics cause immune reactions when implanted.
Many of the microbes under study commonly grow within humans and livestock.
We all know that intelligence, as commonly defined, isn't enough to impact the world all by itself.
There is no commonly agreed cause for the current global warming.
Only one's own name or commonly used pen name may be used.
Memorial services, spoken or written tributes, are commonly designed to remember happier days.
For a long time schizophrenia was commonly blamed on cold mothers.
In the wild, vegetative reproduction commonly happens on a much grander scale.
Pertussis, known commonly as whooping cough, is a highly contagious disease.
Strabismus, commonly known as cross-eye, is caused by an overactive eye muscle.
Vampire is a term commonly used in such a manner, including to reference leaches, mosquitoes and flies since you brought them up.
Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking are commonly measured by self-report.
These twin studies are commonly used to understand the genetic influences of behaviour.
Strange that something commonly generating such awful experiences should have elicited so many upbeat testimonials.
Even in scientific journals you commonly see wording that is entirely based on, for example, the existence of dark matter.
It uses signals from stationary radio stations but is commonly use in geodesy.
Diabetes can affect how your body uses blood glucose, commonly called blood sugar.
Commonly reported symptoms of exposure included headache and dizziness, breathing difficulties, nausea and vomiting.
Of course, withdrawals commonly arrive on the heels of defeat.
The life-expectancy stat that's so commonly used is not, in fact, meant to reflect our expectations for the future.
More commonly, however, families went without medical attention.
Contains explanations of some commonly used transplant medications.

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