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Example sentences for common room

And now the sound of the music from the common room, or hall, summoned to the dance.
In three bedrooms and a common room, electrical pumps draw air through molecular sieves.
The common room of the main house boasts a fireplace and chairs.
There is a common room for guests to relax in and breakfast is served in the dining room.
There is satellite television in the common room, and all rooms have access to the second-floor deck.
The inn's library is the main common room and is easily accessible to each guest room.
There's a common room and kitchen where home-cooked meals are served ranch style.
Each one has a bedroom, and they have a common room.
When he wasn't in the common room talking a blue streak, he paced.
Asha stepped out of the bathroom into the common room.
The common room has a pool table, piano, and circular fireplace.
One of his roommates, who had been sitting with us in the suite's common room, spoke up.
Place the family's computer in a common room where supervision and guidelines are.
Fewer maker about common room work a mine of reasonable bearing.
Place the family's computer in a common room, where supervision and guidelines are more easily observed and met.
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