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With music as its detonator and its common denominator.
Given that these two books have nearly identical subject matter, it is unsurprising that their covers have a common denominator.
These people and the people that enjoy this sort of event are the lowest common denominator.
The research was to determine why and a possible source, or common denominator.
Fortunately science isn't ruled by the lowest common denominator, rather it is ruled by process.
The common denominator of these fellows is that they have confronted the potential for catastrophic technological downsides.
Linking them only drags the debate down to the lowest common denominator and insults the intelligence of the people.
The relative costs of energy is the common denominator in the costs of all things.
Developers are constrained by a sort of lowest common denominator when it comes to available space.
Hence developers only have access to the lowest common denominator set of features.
Cameras tend to cause the debate to morph into lowest common denominator theatrics rather than technical argument.
Most of the time, the debate sinks to the level of the lowest common denominator.
It has become the common denominator of economic well-being.
Legislating to the lower common denominator is never a good idea.
It reflects a lowest common denominator style designed precisely to deflect demands for more serious steps.
But for that purpose, principle is a far better common denominator than power.
Give yourself a multiplicity of camera angles, in enough time zones, and eventually the sky becomes the sole common denominator.
We cannot reach any agreed wisdom by reducing these writers to their lowest common denominator.
So they decided to go with the lowest common denominator.
Nowadays insomnia is everybody's business, a common denominator.
He was committed to lo-fi-the lowest reasonable common denominator of textual presentation.
All three of these reasons share a common denominator--profit.
The common denominator in quality courses is not the mode of delivery but the design of the course.
But it is also true that the mega-dosage of reality programming has lowered the lowest common denominator to pre-literacy.
My sincere apologies for falling to the lowest common denominator.
But in all cases, the common denominator is that it starts out by writing.
There ought to be some common denominator visible in the sound spectrum.
Rather, there's no reason that workmanlike collaborative writing process necessarily entail lowest-common denominator fiction.
As a result, it tends to get watered down to the lowest common denominator.
But they all have a common denominator: the blasters are still far from combat-ready.
Think of it: the lowest common denominator in being digital is not your operating system, modem, or model of computer.
The goal is audience maximization, and the consequence is often a pandering to the lowest common denominator.
As the market grows and the common denominator lowers, that should prove to be more true than ever.
Overlooked in the public outcry over these two incidents is their common denominator.
Music is our common denominator, the glue in our relationship.
The common denominator of working here is change--constant, even calamitous at times, but vibrant.
The common denominator: it's a group task unrelated to work.
The common denominator here was cancer, theirs or the people they had come with.
One common denominator among many of the people she serves is the lack of basic or formal education.

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