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Example sentences for common ground

These are issues on which both parties could and should find common ground.
At the root level, our many different cultures share quite a bit of common ground.
It was your suggestion that common ground be found for a discussion.
Sharing too much common ground makes it harder to be objective, too.
In fieldwork, strangers thrown together often find common ground in bouts of functional lunacy.
There is a lot of common ground, and the areas where they don't see eye to eye can all be decided on the state level.
He promised to seek common ground between the two sides, for example by trying to reduce the number of unplanned pregnancies.
The two countries have some common ground about what happened.
Indeed, there would seem to be little common ground between them.
Its different wings have rarely found common ground.
And, for all the efforts to find common ground, that is something countries are unlikely to agree to change.
On the contrary, co-operation grew, as countries sought common ground to guard against future crises.
Common ground appears to be forming in time biology as well.
In the search for common ground, it seems both countries have a large majority of citizens that think that looting is wrong.
Other than that both countries can still help each other and that should be the common ground of modern cooperation.
The three books have much common ground, are well written and contain much diligent research.
Radicalism will not help us find a common ground or jointly build our common state.
Use the lunch interview to develop common ground with your interviewer.
Trustees and professors, often at odds, search for common ground.
The challenge presented by the organizers was to find common ground.
Journey alongside her as she finds common ground in uncommon places.
We've found common ground, and race into an extended conversation.
Public health is another part of the energy picture where there is common ground.
There was a sudden outbreak of talk about common ground.
The two distinct cultures failed to find common ground.
And both theories, though iconoclastic in many particulars, have some common ground with the work of other specialists.
TV also gave me common ground for casual conversations.
Each of the four will have an important say in finding common ground.
There's more common ground than a lot of people think.
Conservationists from both camps have found some common ground.
Industries with divergent business models simply couldn't find common ground.
As is usually the case, there's more common ground than you probably realize.
Yet among these differences, there is common ground.
And when you have such diametrically opposed positions there is no room for common ground.
We all disagree with each other, but there's also common ground.
There needs to be some common ground between the open-source community and the patent community.
To capture them with photography is to defy their elusive state, to steal them to common ground, as is the journalist's duty.
The two were friends, having found common ground as athletes.
For those that have been mobilized, there is clearly a firm common ground.
Whether you agree with that vision or you don't, the point is that public space can be a common ground as well as a battleground.
Seek common ground with others today and romance tonight.
We need to approach some common ground to limit these procedures.

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