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Flu causes epidemics and pandemics with the potential for mortality, whereas the common cold is a nuisance for us.
Finding could explain why ethnic groups suffer from particular common diseases.
Depression in mothers with children over the age of six months, however, is less discussed but exceedingly common.
None of them had been traveling where leprosy was common, but all three reported close contact with armadillos.
The bond of a common humanity now drew me irresistibly to gloom.
One observes, of course, a polite speech and a common speech.
The common cold generally involves a runny nose, nasal congestion, and sneezing.
Migraine headaches-- spots of light, halos, or zigzag patterns are common symptoms prior to the start of the headache.
The problem, then, is not a lack of public understanding of how colleges work and how the common good is served by tenure.
Clickers-and the cheating problems that accompany them-have become a lot more common since that day, many instructors say.
In big cities short, localised power cuts are becoming common.
The answer may be to set up completely different supply chains with some common features, such as combined component-purchasing.
Yet laws regulating the choice of both first names and surnames are common around the world.
Economic crimes of all kinds are markedly more common in firms that make a lot of use of it.
But sometimes securing the common good requires morally troubling actions.
So long as there's common understanding, it's all good.
So differences among them are as common and apparent as their common denominator as stated in the joint statement.
Also weird is that while borrowing from one language to another is common, borrowing grammar is not nearly as common.
Now, after years of failure, the push for common standards has new life.
Most mallard species are common and not considered threatened.
Dramatic declines have left the species virtually extirpated in many areas where it was once common.
The common wood frog displays a rare trait called freeze tolerance.
Mint is such a common backyard herb that it's easy to take it for granted.
It makes you realize that the search for interesting, delicious food and the search for nutritious food have a lot in common.
And beware of standard transmission, much more common overseas.
That's part of it, for me, that sense of common ownership.
She proved to fellow ranchers that there were common interests between conservationists and agriculturists.
It's common for tastes and smells to trigger emotions that recall far-off or long-ago family, friends and places.
Revolutions are as common as spontaneous combustion.
Splits and cracks around fasteners are common with wood and composite decking, which can allow moisture infiltration.
Rivets attest to its antiquity, showing that it was manufactured before welding was common.
Common thyme, from sixpacks, fills the spaces between them.
Most nurseries and garden centers sell seeds and seedlings of common summer vegetables.
Humans and aliens could share a common genetic foundation.
He does some menacing push-ups and prepares for the head-butting and tail-whipping common in aggressive lizard encounters.
One thing bacteria and archaea have in common, however, is the lack of a nucleus or other membrane-bound cellular substructures.
Jellyfish species have all kinds of offbeat common names: fried-egg jellies, cabbage heads, big reds.
Alcohol was a common ingredient for medicine as well as cooking.
We know that all these tyrannosaurs shared a common ancestry but some are more closely related than others.
This, in turn, would be evidence of a common progenitor.
Despite the disparate forms, however, they are joined together by a common ancestry.
Scientists suspected that the common thresher shark used its long tail to capture food-and now they have video to prove it.
Lemon, pomegranate and avocado trees were common in the neighborhood.
The main entries for individual plants include common names, habitat and descriptions as well as stories from history.
Unfortunately, despite our best defenses, sunburn is a common summer malady for humans.
Common and yet limited, nitrogen is a conundrum of the biosphere.
Where diseases are common, individuals are mean to strangers.
Intestinal parasites have become more common in both the baboons and the people.
In some cases, the similarities are superficial, and in other cases they are signs of a common ancestry.
Humans and dolphins are inventing a common language together.
There are some traits that all the species share, which were already in place in their common ancestor.
Some trees in each group were then deprived of water to simulate droughts common in the past.
Researchers have pinpointed a surprisingly common gene that may cause infertility, offering new avenues for treatment.
What are you doing here is summing up through all of the distinct paths to common ancestors.
The common wisdom is that your fingers wrinkle when they're wet because they absorb water.
For things at a common destination there is a common path.
With these advantages, eusociality may be more common than researchers had thought.
But the thing is, they do have something in common: a denial of evidence and of scientific consensus.
More and more, scientists are discovering that these fusion animals are a surprisingly common part of life's history.
The term for such poor comportment-flaming-became one of the first bits of net jargon to enter common usage.
Big business is a common target for criticism for a variety of reasons.
These topics have nothing in common apart from a sort of odd orthographic cousinhood.
Answers to many common questions about our tablet editions are below.
Upside-down-cross pendants and spiked bracelets were common accessories.
First, the team will infect tissue with both the bird virus and a common human flu virus and see what grows.
Common pain, common tears and common mourning are able to change it.
The euro boasts a common central bank but it lacks a common treasury.
For those that have been mobilized, there is clearly a firm common ground.
For one thing, they don't share a common culture and life style.
Common arithmetic, and a little surveying, were the ne plus ultra of mathematical acquirements.
They are about the common world, as well as the final loneliness from which the common world cannot protect us.
Again his facts are right: schizophrenia is about equally common in all races and there is some evidence that it's partly genetic.
At a later date a common mode channel was included, more as a protection against touch than against electrical artifacts.
Strict laws prevented dietary excess, unusual dress, and anything but the traditional huts for common people.
Common buckthorn readily invades natural communities.
Common hackberry can also survive long periods of drought due to its deep root system.
Common milkweed increases by underground shoots and can be invasive.
Here is a description of the types of common symptoms that can occur.
They could also replace the silicon thin-film transistors common in display screens.
And right-handed ones are more common in the south, according to a new survey.
As wind power becomes more common, its unpredictability becomes more of a problem.
These repeating patterns of vortices in an air stream around a body are relatively common.
Populations can be defined based on the genes they have in common.
Embryonic stem cell therapies offer tremendous promise for treating an array of common degenerative diseases and injuries.
Each industry sector has specialized talent, but the conglomerates lack a common language or vision to unify them.
Their compatibility should have been foreseeable, for they had much in common.
But it is also true that the mega-dosage of reality programming has lowered the lowest common denominator to pre-literacy.
Feelings of aggression, rage, and airsickness are also common.
We actually have a lot in common besides accurate weather forecasts.
Much of our training was dangerous, and injuries were common.
To capture them with photography is to defy their elusive state, to steal them to common ground, as is the journalist's duty.
Hall was impressively resourceful in playing three distinct iterations of the common geek.
Before digital-cell-phone technology became common, listening in on cell-phone conversations was done with scanners.

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