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During that term he was to be the property of his master, and as much a commodity of bargain and sale as an ox, or a joint-stool.
Presently the box was returned to her, shut and filled with the precious commodity.
The real price of this commodity, therefore, naturally rises in the progress of improvement.
The labour of the menial servant, on the contrary, does not fix or realize itself in any particular subject or vendible commodity.
Prayer that craves a particular commodity-anything less than all good, is vicious.
He is a commodity singularly fickle and variable, and not to be grown to order.
They who live more remote are more primitive and simple in their dealings, and exchange one commodity for another.
Children are being used as an expendable commodity, to be used and discarded.
It was a repeatable, reliable technology, matched to a commodity that could be sold at a high price.
Getting a decent dose of adventure these days requires a commodity as rare as a spam-less day: time off.
The crabs are also harvested for their blood, a valuable commodity for medical researchers.
Their flesh, reputed to strengthen children, is a hot commodity in the multimillion-dollar-a-year bush meat trade.
Water is a precious commodity, however, in a region with limited supply and growing demand.
Unlike gold or coffee, there are no commodity or listed prices for colored gemstones.
Higher education, she wrote, is not about delivering a commodity-a university degree-but about fostering public good.
Those who are not themselves close to a central node find their own cognition gradually turning into a commodity.
Far from uncommon, this is simply the apotheosis of higher education's thirty-year change from a public good to a commodity.
The real problem is that higher education should not be viewed as a consumer-driven commodity.
The problem with the student-as-consumer model is that it presumes education to be a commodity or a service that can be purchased.
She had transformed herself into an auditable commodity comprising so many measurable skills.
Rather, it would be more accurate to acknowledge that one is simply a commodity in an intellectual futures market.
Unfortunately, however, they have become a commodity.
There are plenty of victims of declining dollar while commodity prices, college tuition and healthcare expenses skyrocket.
But digestion uses oxygen, a precious commodity for an animal holding its breath.
Understanding is a critical element increasingly overlooked in the effort to turn information into a commodity.
When you're producing millions of something it becomes a commodity, and almost by definition you have a big company.
Even for the truest of true believers, faith had become a scarce commodity.
People unwittingly value entertainment content by the hour as if it were all an interchangeable commodity.
Creativity is a sought-after commodity among employers and those seeking personal or professional fulfillment.
Good news, if you haven't noticed, has always been a rare commodity.
Health care must be guaranteed as a right, not a commodity, and include reproductive health care and contraception.
Space on reefs is a tight commodity, even on the mostly dark undersides of corals and on small crevice walls.
In such a system, rather than being the purpose for the activity the patient is reduced to a commodity to be bartered.
Cannabis is a commodity that could put thousands to work.
Indeed, water would still be an extremely precious commodity.
The added benefit of this would be that the price of the fish will go up, because it will be a rarer commodity.
Of course that was extremely rare, but what do you think when the commodity is water and the risk is life.
So it is particularly instructive to look this week at our own commodity price index.
It hopes to follow with contracts for petroleum, grains and every other commodity that can be imagined.
Higher commodity prices are a relative price shock and thus a tax on western consumers.
The first is that commodity prices are rising in anticipation of a robust world recovery.
As more people stream video to their mobile devices, wireless bandwidth is becoming an increasingly precious commodity.
On the battlefield, blood is a particularly valuable commodity since it is always in high demand but scarce supply.
They live in realms where food is a rare commodity, and they might need to be constantly on the lookout for it.
Easy to access hydrocarbons are an increasingly rare commodity.
Metabolism also requires water, a scarce commodity at such temperatures.
For them, energy is a precious commodity and eyes are energy-guzzling appliances, even when they're set to standby at night.
HEalth care is a limited commodity with a never-ending demand.
Health care is, first of all, a scarce and expensive commodity.
First, because it is mad-an endangered commodity in our world of global homogenization.
If they hold, art will remain a stable-valued, low-liquid commodity.
In the commodity world, arbitrage can be a miraculous transaction, yielding an infinite rate of return.
Oil contracts are traded in liquid commodity markets that create uniform oil prices around the world.
Second is treatment of energy efficiency as a true commodity in energy markets.
The authors' explanation: commodity speculation and growing corn for ethanol fully account for the rise in prices.
Unadulterated power-pop is an increasingly rare commodity these days.
In that way, he could then precisely determine the value of the scrap, based upon current commodity prices.
The last several years haven't been good for a commodity hog farmer.
Second, time is a commodity that comes in different sizes.
Oil is a fungible commodity: it flows to the highest bidder.
But when it comes to commodities, pundits claim that speculators cause the price of the underlying commodity to increase.
More so than any other commodity, food locates us, both spatially and temporally.
In such transactions, one never really sells a commodity, much less takes delivery of anything.
Describes the commodity program and federal funding for public school lunches.
New online exchanges aim to turn computer time into a globally traded commodity.
The only strategy that works is to be the low cost producer of the commodity.
The basic idea behind a hedge is that a company signs a contract to buy some portion of a commodity at a set price.
The best part is taking what had been useless and turning it into a valuable commodity.
As the dollar falls in value, the value of the commodity enumerated in dollars rises.
Heating oil prices turn firewood into hot commodity.
The statement said sharp increases in commodity prices pose risks for the ongoing recovery of the world economy.
Commodity standards and grades provide a means for measuring levels of quality and value for agricultural commodities.
Trading commodity futures and options is not for everyone.
She has become a commodity for which there is an infinite demand.
The problem for the farmers was that the wool from those sheep had become a commodity.
Oil is not the only crucial commodity whose price is soaring.
In the animal entertainment sector, lion fighting is the hot new commodity.
Coke has been less affected by commodity-price growth because it buys a smaller range of ingredients.
And rising commodity prices make that spiral more likely, not less.

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