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Example sentences for commodification

Those communiqu├ęs appeared to condemn the commodification of art, but it is difficult to be sure what the messages really mean.
The humanities might benefit from exploring the connection between commodification and the subjective.
There are several ways in which commodification of water is taking place.
They're linguistic signifiers stuffed with commodification and infested by interpretation.
Before there was even an art market for photography, the camera was deeply implicated in the commodification business.
Other articles railed against the empty commodification of culture politics.
All entail the design, selection and commodification of human life.
Earthworks were one means of countering the commodification of art.
The commodification of artists and writers may be off-putting, but it's neither new nor all that deplorable.
They're troubled by the commodification of their childhood and the willful ignorance of the past.
It is worth remembering that the commodification of art does not necessarily detract from its non-fiscal value.
And it's not enough for professors to protest the corporatization or commodification of the university.
The rise of global electronic-media coverage, intertwined with new forms of commodification, has changed sport irrevocably.
And-above all-the commodification of tigers for the illegal-wildlife trade, which leads to extinction.
Now it's teetering on the brink of overexposure and commodification.
In this paper, undergraduate students' experience of the commodification of higher education sector are explored.
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