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Dedicated greenies, they were already committed to a low-impact lifestyle.
She is committed to the power of visual journalism to inform and compel positive change in our society and the world.
For one thing, she declined to sign the standard contract that committed winners to a series of promotional appearances.
It works because the fishery is relatively small and pretty much everyone is committed to keeping it sustainable.
We had no way to reset the exposure and were therefore committed to proceed.
But critics contend that excusing individuals for a crime that they unquestionably committed makes no sense.
All it took was committed architects or appropriate building codes.
They in fact committed genocide on the earlier peoples it would seem.
Whenever food stuffs are used for other non-food uses, crimes have been committed against everyone, especially the poor.
But their threshold for thinking they have committed an offense is higher.
Those committed to their long term health who also tensed their calf muscles were more likely to drink more of the vinegar.
Many serious crimes are committed by offenders with psychopathic personalities.
We've parked our cars and committed details and landmarks to memory, only to draw a blank when it comes time to recall the spot.
Politicians will say they are not committed to an action until they are committed.
Fashion of any sort is, by definition, deeply committed to built-in obsolescence.
Fears of moral hazard mean less now that all peripheral-country governments are committed to austerity and reform.
The caretaker prime ministers are broadly popular and generally regarded as sincerely committed to reform.
In all, nine-tenths of venture capital committed during the bubble years may have been squandered.
Travel across the world to meet a diverse group of artisans committed to keeping ancient food traditions alive.
The administration, faculty, and staff are committed to attracting qualified candidates from underrepresented groups.
Successful candidates must be committed to working with diverse student, staff, and community members.
But even people committed to diversity can object to the presence of these officers.
The college is committed to increasing the diversity of the college community.
The crime problem is not completely explained by crimes committed.
We have long been committed to the discovery of new poets.
There is much to be said for relying on domestic courts to address crimes committed in the territory of the state in question.
There seem to have been more committed voters for the candidates back then.
Imagine if our nation, or another, had proposed legislation to punish any website for defamation committed by its users.
Its adherents are committed, purchasing numerous extensions and add-ons over the years.
No privileged or subsidiary motion can be laid on the table, postponed definitely or indefinitely, or committed.
It is not known when they were first committed to writing.
By tears and prayers he ceased not to draw down the blessings of the divine mercy on the souls committed to his charge.
Do not show them more favor for what they boast they will perform, than resentment for what they have already committed.
Rarely has it set itself the task of the general interpretation to which the historian proper is committed.
The country committed itself instead to developing renewable energy sources such as wind and solar power.
Square's executives say they've fixed the initial problems, although they are committed to their blended fee.
How many people have committed to making major--We're not saying that.
Modest discounts are available for contractually committed, multi-launch purchases.
Most owners loved those cars, and they were fully committed to living with their shortcomings.
When a crime is committed over a telephone line, this information is invaluable.
We remain committed to constant improvement and transparency in the service of sound, respectful science.
Energizer has always been committed to offering more performance with more responsibility.
Such misdeeds are likely committed by budding psychopaths or teenage pranksters, she added.
On the other side is a group of scientists and citizens committed to halting the cane toad's deadly approach to its territory.
Their entire life, it appears to me, is one insanely committed camping trip.
All have or have had followings within the party, whose core of committed voters is surprisingly small.
Plagued by poor health in his later years, he committed suicide at the age of sixty-four.
When a crime is committed, that is a matter for the courts.
The crimes committed against children by other priests and bishops may provoke rage, but they also make one want to look away.
It is quite clear that atrocities were committed, but much less so who exactly is responsible for them.
We don't know if she committed the crime, but she is convicted and given a life sentence.
She had committed suicide, after an argument with her parents about skipping school.
He was physically frail, and there's strong evidence that he committed suicide.
The traditional model had been to arrest people after they committed crimes.
Numerous investigations have failed to point out that a scientific fraud has been committed.
No one should be committed to a nursing facility without a thorough workup.
Imagine two prisoners facing life in the slammer for a crime they committed together.
Or, on the other hand, amateurs could be more committed to the principles of inductive science than professional physicists.
Why do people confess to crimes they haven't committed.
He then had both members of the couple fill out questionnaires designed to determine how committed they were to their marriage.
The mysteries of space will continue to elude us for quite some time until the majority of us are committed to exploring it.
Our personnel are committed to serving the community and ensuring public safety.
They committed home burglaries together, did poorly in school and avoided contact with others.
They are committed to providing first-rate, loving care with an uplifting, familial ambience.
He'd committed a string of armed robberies and even attempted a kidnapping.
Now its social arbiter had committed an unfortunate and perhaps irrevocable faux pas.
It's no secret that both successful artists and the dealers who sell their work draw heavily on the fortunes of committed patrons.
It was at this time that he made up his mind and committed firmly to the decision.

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