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The aim is to come up with something that patients wishing to commit suicide can make themselves.
They may be more likely to commit the sort of extravagantly violent crimes that attract stiff sentences.
People commit suicide because they do not have money.
People commit suicide because they do not have anything to feed their children with.
Blacks are more likely to be jailed because they commit more crimes, she argues.
If you prefer to be unfree, go commit the crime of your choice and get put in prison.
If they commit themselves to mutual objectives, they'll drive themselves more effectively than you can drive them.
While long-term prisoners are unusually likely to commit suicide, it is also unusually difficult to stop them.
Few firms will commit their money to a country where the business climate is highly unpredictable.
Commit to turning off your computer before bed each night and before you go out for the day.
Have each student commit to doing an exploration activity on the date of their birthday each month.
In fact, if a samurai was ever dishonored, he felt compelled to commit ritual suicide.
Participants commit to raising a pre-set contribution for each kilometer they hike, not unlike charity walks.
Maybe, in the aftermath, he would loosen up and commit a personal revelation.
Under applicable law, since amended, the standard for release is the likelihood that the inmate will commit a crime in the future.
Tires commit suicide if you turn traction control off.
Before you commit to a new pair of multimedia speakers, do yourself a favor and think about placement.
It requires leaders to commit to a journey to create organizations rooted in values and the pursuit of significance.
Those who were aware of a partner's helping hand planned to commit less time and effort to their health and fitness.
Have all small countries commit to planting a million trees in the next five years.
Though that is debatable, it is a fact that an executed convict will no longer commit crimes.
Thus, instead of dividing and multiplying, the cells commit suicide.
Depression by itself as discomforting as it is rarely leads someone to commit suicide.
The patients had one second to commit each picture to memory as best they could before the next one appeared.
Previous investigators have had, at best, a mixed record of predicting who will commit suicide and how to prevent such deaths.
The good kind: those who have many interests, and who want to explore before they commit.
They must commit to raising standards, and their subsequent performance is monitored by the ministry.
It should not be made lightly, which means you must commit to some serious soul-searching.
Commit a sin thrice and you will think it allowable.
He who has it in his power to commit sin, is less inclined to do so.
While this is not a motion to commit, yet it is used for practically the same purpose as the committee of the whole.
When about to commit a base deed, respect thyself, though there is no witness.
Psychopaths commit suicide less than narcissists do.
It removes people who might commit further crimes from a context in which they can commit them.
He thought it was gruesome having to commit these acts, but in his head they were necessary.
We'd prefer someone get away with a crime than to spend time in prison for a crime they didn't commit.
Mamie was originally going to participate in the reading, but couldn't commit because of a film shoot.
She told him she thought they would die together--commit suicide simultaneously--but when their affairs were in order.
The only senator of whom this isn't true is no saint, and eventually he's driven by scandal to commit suicide.
One commit suicide, and the other died a few years ago.
At the end of five minutes, commit to another five minutes.
Prior to an election, officials can publicly commit to the codes that will be printed on the ballots.
But people are going to continue to commit these types of crimes and we're going to need to respond to them.
Many studies have shown that children who are directly exposed to violence are much more likely to commit violent acts as adults.
For practical reasons, much of the research on aggressiveness involves people who commit violent crimes.
It has some virtues: you only pay for people who actually commit to come to your business.
Many websites are functioning largely as trade magazines that occasionally commit acts of journalism.
But this does not mean that if you took away the guns, people wouldn't commit suicide.
We came together to commit to a common direction for the years that would follow.
No one knows how many violent crimes these released inmates commit without ever being caught.
In other words, he was convicted on the basis of suppositions about crimes he might commit in the future.
The problem is to avoid emergency, when dictatorship is inevitable and decent people sometimes commit enormities.
Both sending and recipient governments should expect this presence to last for around a decade, and must commit to it.
Second, firearms are more often used by victims to defend themselves from crime than they are used by criminals to commit crimes.
We have to commit as a community to help one another, to take our lives seriously, above all.
There's much that could be done if people really had the motivation to commit to a healthy lifestyle.
When the flu virus infects our normal cells, they have to commit suicide to prevent the virus from spreading.
Stem cells can produce all of these types, but once a cell commit to a particular role, it's largely stuck there.
Even though methane warms more it doesn't commit us to warming over the long term.
At some point, they leave this cycle and commit to becoming one of the various types of retinal cells.
The primary sin a scientist can commit is to decide ahead of time that the universe must behave in certain ways.
To blame the fossil record is for the theory to commit suicide.
There aren't a whole lot of not-depressed people who commit suicide.
If you want to understand nature in the elegantly unified way, you must commit to putting in some sustained and sincere effort.
So, please be sure not to commit their mistake and form a negative picture of a large number of people based on an obnoxious few.
Well yeah, there's no way of stopping it if you really believe the situation and you commit to it.
After being unable to paint for six months, he vowed to commit suicide.
He has also noted, time and again, that others have confessed to the crimes he insists he did not commit.
Many are the sins that tipsters and publicists commit.
If it wasn't, everybody who is depressed would commit suicide.
Children were made to commit acts that adults could not commit.
He has to commit to understanding what she needs to feel safe in the future, and to doing those things.
One of them actually told the publisher he'd commit suicide if it was published.
All service members must sign a contract and commit to a minimum term of service.
Challenge your thinking, and commit to the biggest game that inspires.
After a last-ditch attempt at an experimental drug treatment failed last autumn, she decided to commit suicide.

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