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These he felt were insincere, commercially inspired artificial holidays.
It was the world's first broadcast by a commercially licensed radio station.
The mining industry maintains that former mining sites can be developed commercially.
In fact, many commercially produced tobacco plants are resistant to the virus.
Responsible for the largest percentage of commercially available fish.
Even so, some technologies-notably wind power-are now becoming commercially viable.
Hence a new enthusiasm for manipulating the genetics of trees, especially of commercially valuable species.
What is harder is building the hardware that can do it quickly and cheaply enough to be commercially viable.
For the technology to be commercially viable, that would have to be increased to five.
Within three years, commercially important fish stocks had doubled in the seas adjacent to those reserves.
Yet as the industry becomes more commercially-minded, it is discovering that it has a shortfall of talented managers.
Even a commercially minded lender could not sit by as peers opened their wallets.
Despite the political enthusiasm for high-speed rail, its fate will hinge on whether it is commercially viable.
These pieces, known as oligonucleotides, can be made to order and purchased commercially.
He worked in important and commercially significant areas of semiconductor and superconductor physics.
One goal is to turn more of the new ideas spawned in universities into commercially viable products and processes.
And some observers remain doubtful that holographic storage will be commercially viable any time soon.
Although the findings hold promise for industrial applications, the process is not yet commercially viable.
Half were randomly selected to use commercially available, pressure-lowering drops each day.
The commercially valuable fish spawn in surface waters, with females releasing eggs and males following behind to fertilise them.
The gold there is so rare and difficult to remove that the mines aren't commercially viable.
Microorganisms are often preserved commercially and in the laboratory using techniques that involve desiccation.
Cloning techniques will need to improve if they are to be commercially successful.
Laptops and mobile phones that can recognize a fingerprint, for instance, are now commercially available.
The group's apparatus is not the first to harness quantum effects to produce random bits-some are already commercially available.
Bacteria and fungi are natural sugar extractors, but not on a commercially viable scale.
It affects other butterflies but it continues to be used commercially.
Some versions of artificial muscle are already commercially available.
The derived reservoir of sea water could be commercially viable for fish farming,salt producing, or a large form for hydro stuff.
Offshore oil prospecting is underway in several sectors but has not yet led to commercially viable crude deposits.
Sturgeons are highly regarded, both commercially for their caviar and meat, and for sport.
While sawfish haven't been fished commercially, they can get lured by lines set for other fish.
In fact, only a few of the hundreds of types of lobster are caught commercially.
When used commercially, groups of wind turbines are erected to form a wind farm capable of powering entire neighborhoods.
Residents fish some lakes commercially, while others are used for subsistence fishing, and some remain completely untouched.
The scientists attached their mechanical antenna to a commercially available wheeled robot.
Refrigerate homemade salsa in pasta sauce jars instead of buying commercially prepared salsa.
But developers are still trying to determine whether the technology is commercially feasible.
It might have been a low point commercially, but creatively it was a high.
Commercially valuable fish and shellfish find food and shelter in marshes.
Poaching wildlife, both for subsistence and commercially, is an old problem but still serious.
Since the plant is so modular it could be a good source of high quality fibre and perhaps other commercially valuable products.
In hospitals, doctors are using commercially produced, lab-grown skin to repair diabetic foot ulcers.
That's a change from the one-size-is-good-enough-for-everybody, commercially managed model that has prevailed in the industry.
Using commercially available outlines rather than reading and using the books for the course is cheating.
The company's approach exploits a wealth of information that's commercially available to anyone able to pay for it.
Instead, many visitors choose to fly into a nearby commercially run airport and make other arrangements to get to the canyon.
Now that they understand the science, he said, researchers can refine it to make the process commercially viable.
The researchers believe the technology could be commercially adopted in about four years.
He went on to record some of the first commercially successful albums of electronic music.
Both books were commercially successful, but reviews were mixed.
The band still has a manager and a label who work on its behalf, commercially and artistically.
It's amazing how the short-story collections rose to the top, and they were never commercially attractive to their publishers.
There may be few subjects more difficult to publish commercially than this one.
The device is scheduled to become commercially available in the second half of the year.
Diamond notes that active shock absorbers have failed commercially in the past because they were too expensive.
Cui's group adapted a process that's used commercially to manufacture flexible packaging.
He believes that his group's more efficient version of the material will finally make such applications commercially viable.
While the test is commercially available, few doctors are using it yet.
Several types of monitors are now commercially available.
However, the biggest obstacle to making cellulosic ethanol commercially feasible is the breakdown of cellulose.
Commercially available implantable sensors measure the voltage caused by a chemical reaction that consumes glucose.
It has been used commercially for several years in one form or another and continues to be improved.
The patented system should be commercially available within two years.
Since our products are commercially available, my post could be considered shameless commerce.
But transforming this technology into a commercially viable product has proved to be a long process.
And that's exactly what's happened, commercially speaking.
Commercially sponsored research is putting at risk the paramount value of higher education-disinterested inquiry.
It has focused on trade and commercially justified investment, rather than aid grants and heavily subsidized loans.
The unifying element across this list is that the original recordings weren't commercially popular.
The profits from growing and selling marijuana commercially would fall, as would the incentive to bribe public officials.
Final warning: do not eat commercially-produced, grocery store eggs raw.
Think: commercially prepared egg salad sandwiches and potato salads.
They used both commercially available yak hair and synthetic fur, some of it specially made.
Fashion experts say that the campaign didn't work commercially, even if the photography was sometimes great.
But despite decades of research, the technology is still far from commercially viable.
These custom-built devices are not nearly cheap enough to be commercially viable, however.
It holds hundreds of wild, commercially undeveloped caves representing a variety of geologic types.
TV only shows the side of them that is commercially acceptable.
It's an easy dish to create because one can use a commercially made red curry paste.
The world's first commercially available bionic hand took many hands many years to develop.
No word when this service plan will be commercially available nationwide.
So the bagel became a test case of how you make something commercially viable at the cost of everything that makes it good.

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