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Example sentences for commercialize

We're working to commercialize a system for testing water for potability.
We are working to commercialize technology that can make liquid transportation fuels from natural gas instead of crude oil.
Industry and academia have responded by partnering to help commercialize technologies.
The technologies industries commercialize often have their origins in publicly funded science or military research projects.
Now the researchers are looking to license their drive system to a company that can commercialize it.
Both are trying to commercialize the technology, envisioning it as a means for next-generation propulsion.
Licensees are required to submit periodic reports detailing the progress made to commercialize licensed patents.
The cooperating firm provides the resources needed to develop and commercialize a new product, process, or service.
Codes and standards are needed to ensure safety, as well as to commercialize hydrogen as a fuel.
Our mission includes partnering with industry to commercialize our inventions.
Clean energy businesses with a new technology must find ways to commercialize that new technology in a marketable way.
Spots promising biotech work and helps build new companies to commercialize it.
And the problem is likely to grow as more companies attempt to commercialize these therapies.
His success in the lab led him to found a startup to commercialize the technology.
Such solar cells will probably take years to commercialize, but could far outperform conventional solar cells.
The necessary technology either wasn't available or was too expensive to commercialize.
Siemens expects to license or commercialize the technology in about two years.
Both advances offer the potential for future spinoffs to commercialize the research.
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