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The latter raises concern for preservationists, who claim that commercialization is damaging the archaeological treasure.
They also do the difficult job of moving that technology to commercialization.
Undaunted, air capture researchers are continuing their work toward demonstration of the technology and commercialization.
And seems to be on the verge of practical commercialization.
Commercialization within a market is necessary but totally unacceptable in the science.
So, an updated estimate based on those factors and others made cost savings through commercialization even more dramatic.
Useful experience includes all aspects of the commercialization process of university and industry intellectual property.
But commercialization is still somewhere off the horizon.
Commercialization has impinged on two core facets of university libraries-their collections and their user services.
Equally interesting is the commercialization of the space field.
If the molecule is not unique, don't bet on any large scale commercialization without government subsidies.
There is no shortage of innovative ideas on the verge of commercialization.
New insights gained during commercialization invariably result in innovation.
It is simply the army transferring technology to commercialization.
Baseball purists who bemoan the creeping commercialization of the national pastime have scored a victory.
It's a advertisers dream come true, a great vehicle for commercialization.
Organizers have taken some heat about the cruises, with some criticizing the commercialization of a tragic event.
With commercialization, that has become increasingly so.
Yet one element that needs emphasizing is the rampant commercialization of academic medical centers during the past three decades.
But all the commercialization and lack of real observance makes me wonder where the celebration will be in a generation or two.
Sciences, were quick to caution that the carrot was a beta product, and did not give a timeline for commercialization.
Technology is in the hands of people who want to use it for narrow purposes: commercialization and control.
After publishing dozens of stories about the impending commercialization of the space shuttle, he started to believe his own hype.
He offered no estimate for a commercialization date.
And today, many spin-based devices are close to commercialization.
The next step for the materials is commercialization.
The one that's closest to commercialization is phase-change memory.
Nonetheless, some self-healing materials are on their way to commercialization.
While the device is still far from commercialization, the ultimate intent is to offer it to physicians.
No commercialization date has been announced for these technologies.
Maybe that's why it never seems to cross the line from research to commercialization.
The commercialization of research, in other words, is far more about prospecting than alchemy.
The final stage in the progression of a new technology is its commercialization.
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