commercial break in a sentence

Example sentences for commercial break

It is a relief to eyes, ears and nervous system when a commercial break kicks in or the remote is flicked to a another channel.
Good news is that the ads don't display through the entire commercial break.
They may have switched channels during the commercial break, be napping or talking on the telephone.
Or how about a quick declaration that the next commercial break will contain important safety information.
Kip sped up and the radio station went to a commercial break.
The announcer had only read the headline before the commercial break.
He also gets a free throw after the commercial break.
Here, the judge gets his makeup re-touched during a commercial break.
We're back from commercial break and a question has been posed about when was the last time you had financial difficulties.
Every commercial break brings another political come-on.
But it's during the commercial break that the real hardball begins.
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