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Seventy per cent of the trade is in textbooks, which leaves publishers a relatively small commercial market.
Lower flood risk with commercial flood insurance coverage to protect your business.
If you don't want to use bees for commercial purposes, you don't need commercial hives.
His deadpan evocation of flat, bright figures had an everyday quality that linked them to commercial art and popular culture.
Commercial fishing, for example, can be quite concentrated far from any human settlement.
Many of the poached plants may surface at commercial nurseries that purchase flytraps without investigating their origins.
Suddenly every commercial is food-related, every meeting in the office has a box of donuts brought in by the devil.
Yet today, signs of commercial success are everywhere.
Even when sales were slow, she insisted that her husband turn down commercial illustration projects and focus on painting.
It had been turned down by a string of commercial publishers.
Refrain from using athletes' images and likenesses to promote commercial products.
Sustainability options include university or foundation support, plus commercial partnerships.
Lastly, in many cases, college owned bookstores have either failed or been replaced by commercial operators.
Maybe they chose a field with no commercial opportunity.
But attention is now switching to the commercial-property market.
Public space must not be abused for private commercial purposes, he says.
It is difficult to determine exactly how much outstanding commercial-property debt was used to finance hotels.
They are made available for personal, non-commercial use only.
The commercial property market, in developed and emerging markets, is more buoyant.
The world of commercial property is saner, but not by much.
The one aspect of commercial flight that has not yet been automated is take-off.
Commercial law operates in a climate of secrecy, especially when two or more private bodies are involved.
Commercial logic, not to mention basic humanity, demanded an instant recall.
When their meat and eggs became prized, commercial fishermen targeted them.
But the powerful shock wave of energy travels rapidly through the ocean as fast as a commercial jet.
In general, piracy can be boiled down to two categories, commercial and private.
Not surprisingly, scarabs have also seduced commercial collectors.
But the powerful shock wave of energy travels rapidly through the ocean, sometimes as fast as a commercial jet.
Today a scattering of small companies is the only commercial source of sportswear for the modest-minded.
Environmentalists warn that unless demand is reduced, the fish may face commercial extinction in as little as five years.
The modern commercial bricks bear no resemblance to the medieval ones.
As the shoals draw nearer to shore, small commercial fishing boats set out through the surf, trailing their nets behind them.
The land that invented commercial bungee jumping is a thrill-seeker's paradise.
Pressure to clear away the country's forests come from loggers, ranchers, and large-scale commercial agricultural ventures.
Such commercial uses have spawned a large beekeeping industry, though many species still occur in the wild.
The results of those screenings, along with the spider venom, will be distributed to various commercial companies.
Humans have been weaving commercial and cultural connections since before the first camel caravan ventured afield.
The company will have the option to retain commercial rights on products that might develop.
The truth is, the commercial buttermilk you've been buying in the supermarket isn't buttermilk.
Made with the commercial product, it tastes bland and somewhat grainy.
But commercial buttermilk sold in supermarkets has an unmistakable tang.
And no one has yet designed a hybrid commercial airplane.
No other social networks offer the same global reach--or commercial opportunity.
Likewise, some cities excel in scientific research but not in commercial adaptation.
Interest rates go down-for mortgage loans, credit-card debt, and commercial borrowing.
The fossil-fuel industry is one of the largest commercial enterprises in history.
Instead, they fund their operations and expansions out of retained earnings or in the bond and commercial-paper markets.
It is a collection of guitar-driven hits with a slick, commercial sheen.
Yet, even if the movie is a fake as a fight picture, it's still a decent commercial entertainment.
Unsurprisingly, the hip downtown crowd always favors the darker, more poetic contender over the commercial pop-meister.
Good publishers find and cultivate writers, some of whom do not initially have much commercial promise.
But the public looks to the press, and not to other commercial organizations, for information and opinion.
Naturally, it became somewhat more difficult to conceive of a major novel that would not also be a commercial blockbuster.
It is not to enter into lucrative commercial alliances with the pharmaceutical industry.
Presenting such a view, he told me, was a common practice in commercial television as well as radio and newspapers.
But these phenomena can be explained more by commercial opportunism than delirium.
What they wanted to create, as it turned out, was a commercial-real-estate empire.
It is a commercial culture above all else, and nothing threatens it more than an individual who is irreplaceable.
We honestly thought it was a tie-in commercial for some electrolyte-rich energy beverage.
They are looking instead to private industry and other commercial activities to enhance their funding.
Commercial space travel is now almost within reach of ordinary citizens.
Olson's apparatus won't work for generating commercial power because it takes more energy to run than it produces.
The teams have also tagged and tracked many familiar creatures, uncovering surprises to science and commercial fisheries alike.
The test flight was the first ever orbital reentry and recovery mission by a commercial space company.
As space exploration becomes more commercial, it is likely to support a market for the tasty brew.
The logic of the situation compelled authorizers to intervene in private as well as commercial communications.
And it could do so while saving rapidly disappearing wild fish by relieving the pressure of commercial fishing.
The only way they've gotten better is by commercial scale implementations of designs that were already known about for years.
We're talking about the commercial equivalent of natural selection.
The first commercial product to incorporate dye-sensitized thin-film solar cells will soon be on the market.
The technology moves out of the lab and into commercial vehicles.
The work will be done in addition to, and not in place of, existing commercial work by both companies.
One startup is scaling up experimental techniques to demonstrate the commercial potential of cellulosic ethanol.
Corporations are readying the launch pf commercial ventures to generate power using ocean waves.
But the performance of these organic electronics is still not consistent enough for commercial devices.
The new partners plan to install what could be the world's first commercial-scale wind turbine located offshore in deep water.
Cheap and easy-to-make dye-sensitized solar cells are still in the early stages of commercial production.
Commercial-scale plants are being built, but the fuel could still be too expensive to compete with corn ethanol.
Commercial fleets are a logical place to introduce battery-powered electric vehicles.
Source code for both malware and commercial software is often not available, which slows the hunt for vulnerabilities.
The company is not yet disclosing these commercial partners, either.
The reaction is far more efficient than commercial poly- carbonate processes, and the resulting plastic is biodegradable.
However, commercial transmission rates typically do not exceed a few hundred gigabits per second.
The next step is to demonstrate the process on commercial-scale equipment.
The group demonstrated the self-healing system in various coatings, including in a commercial military ship paint.
Such a system could be marketed as a commercial venture, thereby helping to pay for it.
He probably violated the commercial manufacturer's patent.
The commercial accuses her of wanting to raise taxes and over-regulate small businesses.
Commercial real estate may soon bulldoze the green shoots.
The commercial hype is appropriate for a singer who made the trip from anonymity to commodity in no time flat.
Information for drivers of commercial motor vehicles.

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