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The first two comments point out a problem with a non-lawn solution: the initial cost of plants is much higher than sod.
Sometimes professors want changes in the nature of the comments.
Develop a thick enough skin that you can read the negative student comments without getting offended.
Those nasty comments will come up in the report as well.
The cavalcade provoked no comments from the spectators, nor was any word uttered by the escort.
The tedium of the journey is beguiled by discussions on portents and comments on the dishonesty of lawyers.
There are two further points on which some comments should be made.
Most of our misfortunes are more supportable than the comments of our friends upon them.
With an absurd air of importance he talked aloud, giving instructions, making comments on life.
His comments on the scripture consist in extracts from the ancient fathers.
Nothing can be more contradictory or more absurd than the comments of fanatics upon the divine prophecies.
Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns about our privacy policy.
Here is a representative sampling of additional anonymous comments from the panelists.
We leave the comments on so people can work together to find the answer.
Well, for me, reading the prior commentators excellent comments made it all worthwhile.
To read all the comments posted in this page is really sad.
Your intelligent comments and absolute rebuttals of sault's ignorant rants are all that keep this site interesting.
Let's keep the comments on this post relevant to the post itself.
The comments by others have pretty much shot a lot of holes in the plan, particularly wind power.
As some have pointed out in a few comments and related articles, perhaps effort is not always rewarded with appropriate returns.
It's best to not respond because it prevents honest, sincere, comments about the article from happening.
Her comments here seem so striking because of the many paper-doll versions of her we've played with for so long.
At one point, the story had been forwarded more than thirty thousand times and attracted more than six thousand comments.
Please send us your comments or suggestions for improvements.
Here's a selection of their work and their comments.
If you have any ideas, post them in the comments section.
Now you have responsibility to provide scientifically acceptable substantiation of your self-defeating, self-degrading comments.
Interesting article, and interesting string of comments.
There is a tremendous amount of good advice in that post, and in the comments.
The problem was the comments people were making on her posts.
Submit your comments below on the nine strategic action plan outlines.
Any information provided in the comments box will be publicly viewable.

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