commenter in a sentence

Example sentences for commenter

One commenter suggested that this was because they use different methods for flying.
First, you're a random, anonymous commenter on the web.
One commenter already mentioned mens rea, but the authors of the article did not, in the portion of the article on the website.
One commenter suggested that the article may be a left wing attempt to control people.
One commenter noted that they see tiny bubbles after they sneeze that are coloured.
As another commenter alluded, this is a train wreck on its way.
The first commenter mentions that people are starving in the world.
As one commenter mentioned the resources the world has to offer are finite.
As an earlier commenter has pointed out mine is only a member of the public's poor understanding of physics.
When the level of comments reaches name-calling the commenter clearly has nothing intelligent left to say.
One commenter was opposed to the proposed regulations.
One commenter recommended that the provisions be amended to eliminate the ability of an owner to refuse such changes.
One commenter specifically requested a three-year period to meet net worth and deposit requirements.
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