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If he could be anyone, he'd be a famous sports commentator.
Pace a previous commentator, the regalia is not monastic, though it does go back to medieval universities.
Specially if you are criticizing other commentator's free and honest opinion.
The honey badger video coverage was ok, but that commentator was infuriating.
Therefore, it's not too much of a stretch to apply it to commentator on a blog.
He is not a sports commentator as much as he is comic relief who does not know when to simply shut up.
He was also a regular television and radio commentator.
He is also a frequent food commentator on television and radio.
From there he was an early observer and commentator on the phenomenon of globalisation.
New technologies and new media do not contribute to the problem of plagiarism as alleged by a previous commentator.
Today he works as an author, commentator and presenter on management and employment issues.
As one commentator suggested, perhaps the debate topic could have been framed differently.
Fans can't resist the opportunity to be their own color commentator.

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With prophecies the commentator is often a more important man than the prophet.... more
The new hero-type favored by Aschenbach, and recurring in his books in a multiplicity of individual variants, had alread... more
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