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Graduation from high school marks the commencement of the fourth stage of life, professional development.
Thank you for giving us this singular privilege of being part of this commencement ceremony.
Excerpts from some of this year's commencement addresses.
Commencement season in academe inevitably brings controversy.
So too will be the commencement of real work to prepare for elections, first at a local level and later at national level.
There is a direct correlation between degenerative diseases and the commencement of grain farming.
He was also chosen to deliver a commencement address.
And in a surprising move, the power of calling for the contest's commencement was handed over to the surfers themselves.
Later, two letters appeared that included threats directed at the commencement.
Huntsman gave a commencement speech there yesterday.
In the morning they will be graduating, and we're asked to give the commencement speech.
College graduates across the nation are being serenaded at commencement speeches with humorous asides and ernest advice.
Star-studded commencement speeches seem to be the best way for colleges to draw viewers.
Presidents reveal what's going through their minds at commencement.
Some uni bookstores now sell framing kits around commencement time, if you think that professional framing is too expensive.
College commencement signifies the end of a journey, often long and arduous.
Your own commencement gown, hood, and related headgear.
Six more students will receive their degrees during winter commencement.
His phrases make splendid marble inscriptions and commencement flourishes.
It's impossible to imagine a modern university president mentioning the devil or the beast in a commencement address.
Another college commencement season has come and gone, and it.
It ends on each side in an imperfect ring, which encloses the commencement of the bronchus.
It enters the pelvic cavity by crossing either the termination of the common, or the commencement of the external, iliac vessels.
Your commencement speaker will avoid declarative statements leading to definite conclusions wherever possible.
Peppering in the names of distinguished alumni is an easy way to boost commencement speech.

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