commemorate in a sentence

Example sentences for commemorate

That's the time to have balanced accounts, gained traction, become the proper statue to commemorate one's proper life.
To commemorate the anniversary of these first flights, there is an annual celebration at the site.
We commemorate and look back at the goals and objectives of the sorority and fraternity.
It has been the custom in all civilized countries and ages to erect statues to commemorate the deeds and the virtues of the dead.
Now players have some hardware to commemorate their unbeaten season.
Cousy received the cake to commemorate his birthday.
It is a time to commemorate, consider, and reconsider.
To commemorate the food-rich holiday, we've compiled a few recipes to help you celebrate.

Famous quotes containing the word commemorate

O commemorate me where there is water, Canal water preferably, so stilly Greeny at the heart of summer.... more
O commemorate me with no hero-courageous Tomb—just a canal-bank seat for the passer-by.... more
Dating at least from ancient Rome, the holiday was a time of public and communal celebration, a time to commemorat... more
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