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Horse breeding is now big business, with top thoroughbreds easily commanding six-figures per mating.
Take a breath before you start commanding me to grow up.
His influence, commanding in his own day, has continued down to the present.
The enemy's line consisted of redans occupying commanding positions, with rifle-pits connecting them.
The capture was a disgraceful one to the officer commanding but not to the troops under him.
Nevertheless, he felt himself in the presence of something powerful and commanding.
They have lost all commanding views in literature, philosophy, and science.
His tenderness and charity won the hearts, and his zeal gave him a commanding influence over the minds of his hearers.
Next in line should be the commanding officers who overlooked or were ignorant of what was happening.
Torsos rippled and legs snapped high in commanding leaps.
That, however, would take two humans-both the drone's operator and his commanding officer.
Despite the commanding words, there has been precious little progress.
None has come close to commanding widespread support, and some have produced much anger.
Such irreverence towards the commanding heights of government would shock old wets.
He can revert, in other words, to the staid but commanding persona he honed as chancellor.
In this case, instead of controlling volume, it is commanding the inverter to produce a certain amount of positive motor torque.
The captain's place is generally at the helm, commanding his troops.
Lots of automakers have tried to create high seating positions to give drivers a commanding view of the road.
There are eight rooms in this former private home, each with a commanding view of the woods and sea.
Commanding officers are told that there isn't space on the base for psychological care, and there isn't a budget for it.
The real work must be accomplished on the ground and not from the commanding heights.
To his awe-commanding experience my puny perplexity would have been no riddle.
If she makes such a request, she is commanding him to behave spontaneously.
It's worth going for the ingeniously rebuilt interior and the commanding view of the city.
He's several hundred yards away in a clearing, commanding attention from more subservient members of his clan.
If he could simply flip a switch and suddenly become a commanding debater, he surely would have done that by now.
Weaving parking spaces through the addition helped bulk up the commanding new structure.
The commanding officer has to approve the time off for any soldier who is having surgery.
Tells about their performance this year, which is not as commanding as their record implies.
Even from that odd position, his commanding, charismatic eyes locked with mine.
Craning their heads forward, they listen to their commanding officer make a speech.
Among these was the failure of enlisted service members to report maltreatment to their commanding officers.
Maybe the general was doing more for victory by writing a poem than he would be by commanding an army.
If a commanding officer thinks the software is correct, he'll send a patrol ahead of time to catch the criminal red-handed.
T he commanding personalities of our era are often registered in the social retina by how they've appeared on magazine covers.
She was a commanding figure in every sense but one: she had no clue how to handle her money.
Their voices are sturdy and commanding in the huddle or boardroom.

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