commander in chief in a sentence

Example sentences for commander in chief

The commander in chief's mood was as bleak as the landscape.
In theory, a commander in chief should even be able to order a nuclear strike from the helicopter.
Approval for any such order would have to come from the commander in chief.
Critics of the statute insist that it impinges on the president's inherent powers as commander in chief.
Only to point out that it isn't inconsequential when the commander in chief breaks the law.
Most legislators fear the political costs of bucking the commander in chief when the nation appears under threat.
But you were the commander in chief and president, and these were presidential-level decisions.
Throughout the war he was not only the actual commander in chief, but the director of our diplomacy.
The first duty of a soldier is to obey her commander in chief.
It is his duty to conduct the war in a manner consistent with being the commander in chief: win it, or stop it.
Someone who doesn't exploit his power as a commander in chief for the benefit of his political camp.
But it was a reminder that the commander in chief is also the forgiver in chief.
Of course there is no way to be certain who would be the best commander in chief.
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