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Finally, in this case it was a reporter that was asking questions, not a military commander.
Recently, the commander's post has been a stepping stone to some of the top jobs in the whole of the military.
Every few months, a commander would report to him about each soldier's actual performance.
The exception is one soldier, who stands next to the unit commander to provide counter-sniper fire.
When something occurs that requires the commander's attention or a decision, options are immediately available.
Then blast off into a job interview with the commander.
The commander in chief's mood was as bleak as the landscape.
Both newspapers and the general public were worried they had once again elected a weak, indecisive commander-in-chief.
It is his duty to conduct the war in a manner consistent with being the commander in chief: win it, or stop it.
The master of a secret society is royal supreme knight commander.
He who obeys with modesty appears worthy of being some day a commander.
When the time came for the war to begin, the willow-wren sent out spies to discover who was the enemy's commander-in-chief.
Ensconced securely inside, he silently sets himself up as the ship's alternate commander.
Baker's insubordination continued as he refused an order to return to his tent and then struck his commander twice in the face.
Communicating underwater is a tricky business, as any commander of a nuclear submarine will tell you.
There were a lot of arrest orders ready and signed by the battalion commander, with a blank area.
As a soldier must guard and obey his commander, regardless of their personal feelings toward each other.
And the folks around the commander in chief thought he had a bad weekend.
At this time the commander takes manual control of the orbiter and flies a wide arc approach.

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