commandeer in a sentence

Example sentences for commandeer

The police were so outgunned that they had to commandeer high-powered rifles from a local gun shop.
More sophisticated pirates are usually members of organized gangs that may commandeer ships and hold crews for ransom.
The parasites can even commandeer blood cells to help aid their survival.
The detailed images of alien vistas, after one pores over them for days or weeks, commandeer the imagination.
And when my kids inevitably commandeer the iPod for playing their games, well, they have a lot of trouble keeping earbuds in.
He was able to help commandeer pilots and airplanes to ferry equipment to where it was needed.
Helicopters were unavailable, and police had to commandeer civilian boats to reach the island.
Not realistic, at rush hour, to commandeer another taxi for the chase.
According to reports, police were attempting to commandeer a fisherman's boat to pursue the trafficker, but the fisherman refused.
His father was able to commandeer the knife and store it in a safe place until the police arrived.
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