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Broadly speaking, the resets were related to power glitches in the spacecraft's command and data-handling subsystem.
Still, the new command structure seemed rife with potential for conflict.
There are lots of tasks that can be handled quickly by using the command line.
The implication is that the brain only has to send a single move command to the arm, and the arm will do the rest.
Guys can lower their brain activity in hunger regions on command.
Vintage teddies command prices well into six figures at auction houses.
You'll have a private beach, canoes, and kayaks at your command.
Before you change anything, run this command and look at the output number.
The second in command has more duties and influence than ever before.
Military command and control for the hotel industry.
Have the courage to pay a debt, while you have the money at command.
Today it continues to command esteem among players and nonplayers all over the world.
Government-funded researchers are building a flashlight that makes people puke on command.
But the funds have emerged in search of the yields that lending in highly leveraged transactions can command.
During such times, the city's populace gathered at the observatory to watch as their king appeared to command the heavens.
Satellite operators put off critical command sequences.
Soldiers no longer careered with abandon through city streets in cars bearing the red license plates of the military command.
The military is organized around authority and command and is dedicated to the professional application of violence.
Then the pilot in command can communicate with the ground to get verification where the air marshals are seated and who they are.
Although this case is unique, it helps illustrate why these graceful creatures command extreme caution and respect.
The business cycle almost resists political command.
Wind turbines also command relatively high upfront costs.
It has no clear structure or evident chain of command.
To look beautiful and support the chief in his effort to command respect from other tribes.
Something remarkable is happening among undergraduates that should command our attention.
All this makes for a short drive dense in attractions and rich enough to command three days of sightseeing.
When you learn to program a computer, you acquire a superpower: the ability to make an inanimate object follow your command.
The national army is little more than a collection of militias and obeys no central command.
Some go so far as to believe that the bride will be in command of the married life if her groom is unable to find it.
In instances where this is not the case, you have to be more persistent or go up the chain of command.
For example, elephants in the crush are taught to raise their feet on command so owners can easily move them.
With the t-test, you can write a simple command to get the p-value.
But medals awarded to winners command much higher prices.
His expressive voice adds to the spectrum of musical elements at his command.
Video-gaming armchair generals will soon get the same leadership and command training as combat-ready infantrymen.
For the first time, therefore, the tribes command the national stage.
It is not, in any sense of the word, a joint command.
At the moment the command was given for the caravan to move out, thunder rumbled ominously from the west.
Or using environment cues to get me to jump at their command.
And even new drugs can no longer reliably command the huge premiums they once did.
Tapping the screen brings up command menus when desired.
Only at the end of the book does he command the space he deserves.
How thoroughly the soldiers carried out this command is a mystery.
One ethnic group writing and postulating about another will certainly command academic attention.
My cats have even performed tricks such as fetching toys and jumping on command.
For example, it will come as no shock that a market researcher must have a strong command of statistics.
Such a model may command attention if more education is offered without more tuition.
Making anonymous accusatory phone calls or spreading hearsay up a chain of command is not an honorable thing to do.
Try to defuse the situation as best you can, without bothering those further up on the chain of command.
Depend on yourself and the resources you can command.
They will be obeying sane orders that have come sanely down the chain of command.
These were the days of command-and-control regulation.

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