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The last sentence includes a so-called comma splice: two independent clauses joined only by a comma.
So there is an and in the list of items, but it's inside quotes, so you don't need that comma to clarify the list.
Dark ferruginous has white comma at end of underwing coverts, unbanded tail.
Everything has to be done with the comma and the full stop.
The addition of a humble comma would have made a mighty difference in this case.
The correct punctuation would be a semicolon, not a comma.
And he likes to use a dash when a comma would probably do-that might serve as his epitaph.
The comma at the end of the phrase is properly placed.
The comma seemed to have been invented expressly for him.
Two pages later, he turned a comma into a semicolon.
As they make complete sense when the comma is reached, the second clause has the appearance of an after-thought.
Since each row is generated by the same template, even the final record of census data must be followed by a comma.
To add a new name, put it in quotes in the first set of brackets with a comma after it.
He also had a determination and a confidence in his work that extended to every comma and conjunction.
It had curled into a comma somehow, and was suddenly too high up on my face.
If you include a first name, there should be no space after the comma.
Basically, a comma does not do the job of letting me know that you've finished one idea and are about to begin a new one.

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