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As freshmen file into lecture halls for orientation activities, they might consider coming prepared to chat about copyright.
The economy is volatile, secularism is under fire, and an earthquake is coming.
Spring is coming earlier, and nature is scrambling to keep up.
Fish are served whole, head and tail intact, symbolizing a good beginning and end in the coming year.
For years observers have predicted a coming wave of e-textbooks.
Others mark the coming of age, signify tribal rank, or distinguish friend from foe.
Astronomers have reported an apparent shortage of neutrinos coming from the sun.
They are coming to terms with a deep irony: it is sight itself that has blinded us to nearly the entire universe.
When a storm blows in, let it rain for an hour before you divert what's coming down the downspout into your barrel.
Watch this space for more details as they arrive over the coming months.
Coming late signals you had another commitment, while leaving early says you're not interested.
When the earthquake happened the elders on the island said the story was coming true and everyone was told to go into the hills.
But there are bees coming and going, some with pollen.
Evidently, if the gas is leaking to a fresh water aquifer then it's coming via a cement sheath failure.
Now, this obscurity may finally be coming to an end.
Each bloom lasts only a day, but others keep coming.
Astronomers are coming to realize that the beautiful shapes of galaxies are not merely incidental.
Eating produce without paying and then coming inside uninvited.
Keep it coming by succession planting every couple of weeks.
Plant-based fuel could be coming to a gas station near you.
Go here to see if there's any event coming soon in your state.
After bloom, remove some of oldest branches at base to keep flowering wood coming.
The wine's sweet-seeming fruit, balanced with creamy lemon flavors, will keep you coming back to the corn.
Commercial jets are at their noisiest and dirtiest when they're coming in for a landing.
Some kinds of moths have ears and can hear a bat coming.
Universities remain virtually free, but change may be coming to their historic halls.
The wines are outstanding, coming from a half dozen regions.
Then they could do a better job warning people that a tornado is coming.
The buyers who keep coming back clearly enjoy the auctions as a big game.
It's been a long time since rain and a long time before any is coming.
Many of us have seen trouble coming for a long, long, time.
Meteor showers are named after the constellations they appear to be coming from.
Computers are coming closer and closer to mimicking the human brain.
Here are two items indicating the direction of curriculum in the coming years.
The sub then slid back into the water stern-first before finally coming to rest on the surface.
More than half a billion smart phones will likely be sold in the coming year.
Click ahead to see how it's coming together, and how you can find a junked plane, too.
What you need now is a plan that will include preparation for the market next year and productive pursuits for this coming year.
Move over, human genome, your day in the spotlight is coming to a close.
There are lots of new ones coming onto the market, and nurseries are featuring them this month and next.
These developments could avoid the coming water crisis.
Look at three things: the room's dimensions, the light coming in through the windows, and how you want the space to feel.
For clean coal they have symmetrically aligned stack of molecules coming out of two cooling towers.
Knowing it's coming is a bit different from living it.
The drink coming out of the fountain is cold to begin with and this allows me for drink for my money.
Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.
The batter has a concentrated and determined expression as he balances the motion of his bat against the coming ball.
Many new species are coming from areas that have not been previously explored or are poorly understood.
Coming closer, you will be profoundly discouraged at the number of low spots, not to say two-spots.
And he's got a lot of luggage coming to-morrow, so he says.
And the gondola drifts over the lagoon, aslant to the coming dawn.
He apologized, and said he was too busy to supervise an independent study in the coming semester.
Brand-new types of celestial phenomena will unfold over the coming billions and trillions of years.
For the first time, astronomers have directly detected light coming from planets outside our solar system.
The picture will change rapidly in the coming months.
New study finds lots of methane coming from oil and gas operations.
The pilot tells us to buckle up, folks, we're coming in for a landing.
Natural gas may be coming to a filling station near you.
Global warming is expected to raise temperatures around the globe in the coming decades.
Bandages and ointments infused with essence of maggot may soon be coming to a drugstore near you.
Eventually, you'll notice that the skin doesn't mind coming back apart when you give it a stir.
Although the hotel has been opening in stages, a full-tilt debut is coming this fall.
Nevertheless, the group enjoys a relaxing respite in the sun as food keeps coming to the table.
It was obvious from the way they talked what expensive bakery this cake would be coming from.
Papa said he would, and went in to see how supper was coming.
She handed us the cannoli and thanked us sincerely for coming.
The children that resulted from these unions-some of which lasted and some of which didn't-are coming of age today.
He will not eat that last ear of corn he saved, or wade the deep snow coming.
Coming soon to the small screen: technology that will enable you to watch anything you want, anytime, anyplace.
It's thousands of pounds per square inch coming up the hole.
Another problem is that it only works well for light coming in at certain angles.
Now perhaps you are worried about the eventual effect if many more such plants were deployed in coming decades.
Today's plastic surgery is going to seem tame compared to what's coming.
THe fossil fuel use can be scaled way back or turned off when heat is coming in from solar sources.
If astronomers ever spot an asteroid coming our way, the world will have to decide pretty quickly what to do.
Radio frequency identification technology is finally coming into its own.
People who live in my apartment building are still coming and going to work.
In the coming mobile revolution, the company with the best machines will win.
The economy will add millions of jobs for high school grads in the coming years.
Neighbors' accounts describe a ball of fire coming from the sky as the cause of the explosion.
We can see this coming and take measures to minimize the effects.
The water coming out is red due to iron, and is incredibly salty with almost no oxygen in it.
The amazing pictures of the space station taken by ground-based amateur astronomers keeps on coming.
Frost describes combing through the possessions of one patient and coming across an article from a travel magazine.
But dorsal horns also contain neurons coming down from the brain that can boost or squelch the signals.
The sunlight is coming from the left, in a direction from below the rings as seen here.
He insisted that the brain was flexible enough to learn to interpret data coming in on a different kind of channel.
He pointed out the sights-the cancer center is over here, the heart center is over there, now we're coming to the imaging center.
Some of this has to do with coming from a large family.
He's not the only one who didn't see his fame coming.
The three would stay up talking late into the night, at once fearful of and optimistic about coming changes.
Foresight and action now might make some of the coming trade-offs easier.
The windows were all flung open, but there wasn't even the hint of a breeze, not even the slightest wind coming in from outside.
Peoples and countries with similar cultures are coming together.
Peoples and countries with different cultures are coming apart.

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