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Meditation can then be used to prevent pain from coming back by sweeping your body and mind with comforting thoughts and images.
The new work seems to contradict that comforting idea.
How comforting to have so much faith in science and humanity.
It is perversely comforting to reflect that people have been anticipating the end of the world for so many centuries.
But it's comforting to know that the big cats share some of the house cats' cuddlier characteristics.
There's something comforting, too, about the thought that we're still enjoying these same plants today.
Even the bleakest academic career path has a certain comforting familiarity about it.
It may not be comforting to those looking at facially, but for the students it might have been what they wanted.
It's strangely comforting--since the discouraging lyrics are matched with pretty hopeful feeling music.
Not entirely comforting, but overwhelmingly, the people shot are also carrying guns.
There's something comforting about starting a new season with an old friend.
Established truths are comforting, but it is the mysteries that make the soul ache and render a life of exploration worth living.
There are many theories, many ideas floating around that attempt to offer a comforting thought about life in the universe.
It's comforting, expertly spiced, and good for you too.
The truth is, our comforting food memories don't all run to macaroni and cheese.
Comforting fare in small portions is the order of the day.
If extra shooting could not draw him out of a slump, perhaps comforting words could.
Beans are an economical, delicious and comforting way to feed your family well.
Kale loses its bright color as it simmers and the flavor of the leaves is strong, but the overall effect is sweet and comforting.
Paprika contributes a spicy edge to this sweet, comforting gratin.
They also speak a lot of comforting little-people talk.
It's not a terribly comforting distinction, but it does indicate that humans are not actually on the great white's menu.
Its detail and human scale are both comprehensible and comforting.
The fish announce the coming of fall and, more than that, the comforting resiliency of nature.
It's a protective mechanism that produces an odd, and maybe comforting, sense of removal from reality.
The aesthetic appeal of the land and water interaction is both dramatic and comforting.
It is kind of un-comforting that the tiger was able to get out, but the people that were taunting her were in the wrong.
These dogs often have owners who mean well, but feed the fearful behavior by feeling sorry for them and comforting them.
Anybody can find a comforting bunch of people of their own nationality somewhere in the city.
Unfortunately, this comforting argument may not be wholly true.
For the buy-out funds that are now considering floating, that parallel is not entirely comforting.
At this point, however, the past begins to look a bit less comforting.
Look closer, however, and the picture is less comforting.
And you have to forgo that comforting extra scoop of ice-cream.
Perhaps they may prefer to believe the prime minister with his comforting promises of social stability and economic recovery.
You'll have to make your own minds up as to whether that last comment is comforting or not.
Comforting earthquake victims, however, presents few political risks.
Let's wish it and its people a speedy and comforting recovery.
Ignore climate change, and it is an oddly comforting place.
None of this is easy, and none of this is comforting.
It would be comforting to think that such vacant land would find new use as recreational parks and wilderness areas.
Still, support from the rest of the world can be surprisingly comforting.
We have to come to grips with the finality of our end without the aid of any comforting fairy tales.
It would be comforting to believe that decisions will be made thoughtfully and well.
The hyperbole is comforting, and offers the viewer a safe distance from which to point and gawk.
It was comforting to see so splendid a haunt from the past surviving intact in a widely disintegrating world.
As members of liturgical churches know, familiar phrasing can be comforting.
Baldie was so appalled that she later found those remarks comforting when she steered home her bombs.
It's comforting to know that you're article validates some of our beliefs.
As they waited for the ambulance to arrive, friends stroked her sandy-brown hair and murmured comforting words.
We're smiling here about something familiar and comforting.
At this point, what it's about is comforting family members.
They, too, tended to oscillate between the comforting and the catastrophic.
He placed a warming device inside the dolls to make them seem more comforting.
But even the long view of the situation isn't terribly comforting.
That's a comforting thought going into an election year.
But reality should not be expected to conform to what people find comforting and pleasant to hear.
So it seems a stretch to say that it is the result of environment, however comforting the idea might be.
Celebrating a life and honoring a legacy are comforting and positive for the soul.
In many ways it's a beautiful and comforting vision.
It is so easy to restrict your world by looking for comforting support of your beliefs instead of challenging them.
See if you hold them because the are comforting or because theres an actual logical reason to believe them.
It's kinda comforting to be that familiar with our universe.
We sub-compact models of humanity do have one comforting factor, however: longevity.
Yes, an afterlife could be comforting to many--too bad it is imaginary.
These would be comforting notions were they easier to maintain.
It is of course comforting to believe that the world is essentially a rational place.
Having a support group of brides will not only be comforting but will also make you work harder.
It's a comforting notion, one that gives us time to gauge the steady impact of warming before taking action.
Rumors and conspiracy theories are oddly comforting.
After being out in chilly winter weather, coming into a warm, cozy home for a hot meal is comforting.
Special foods and beverages can be comforting to those in our facility.
Psychologists work with people, developing relationships and comforting them.
Most importantly, it is comforting to know my tuition is set.
It can be comforting to know that your state's on your side.

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