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Example sentences for comfortable

Comfortable interior keeps your body cradled in soft, warm leather.
To them, it's always going to be a soft gentle ride in a warm comfortable space.
Although it is new, the structure looks old, thanks to recycled wood and comfortable furnishings.
The stucco sides of a raised vegetable bed have a smooth top for more comfortable gardening.
With a few versatile pieces you can create an outdoor living space that is comfortable and stylish.
Design a nook with an outdoor rug, paper lantern, and comfortable cushions.
Chat with your local winemaking store to get a feel for what you're comfortable doing.
Temperature that's warm enough to keep us comfortable will release the volatile oils in tender herb leaves.
If you're comfortable chopping your own firewood or kindling, your small camp ax or hatchet is perfect for splitting a pumpkin.
The tent should be eight by eight or eight by nine feet, large enough to swing a comfortable hammock.
His glance flickered over our faces with a certain dull approval, and then went round the warm and comfortable room.
Have a little cry and say your prayers: that will make you comfortable.
It was a good investment, for she proved to be possessed of a comfortable fortune.
The troops now went to work to make themselves comfortable, and to enjoy a little rest after their arduous campaign.
They rode in a comfortable old phaeton drawn by the white horse.
The night proved comfortable, being clear and moonlight.
Comfortable, though, once you get used to the stiff sole.
It fits with my personality and the students seem comfortable about having honest discussions.
These two worlds collide from time to time in my writing and practice-and it's not always comfortable.
If you are not already comfortable on the phone, you will want to do what you can to get comfortable: practice.
It found that, across the board, scholars continue to get more and more comfortable with journals in electronic form.
Consequently, they have little interest in change and are quite comfortable with the status quo.
Many professors do not feel comfortable making videos, much less grading student footage.
In better economic times, faculty members often started looking around once they got comfortable.
Lots of practice at large group presentation has served to get me to a place that is a bit more comfortable.
They have comfortable conditions of work and see no incentive to move.
No generation is more comfortable with online, collaborative technologies than those who have grown up immersed in it.
If all you learn is that you are not on the shortlist, then you might learn enough to make you more comfortable in your decision.
They are comfortable communicating electronically with each other and with us as faculty members.
On top of a comfortable fit and offering easy access, this active wear accessory is also water-resistant and hand washable.
Slender body and beveled edges make for a super comfortable, well-balanced axe.
The main challenge, say the project's engineers, is getting controllers and other personnel to feel comfortable with the idea.
The backside is curved and rubberized, which makes for a firm, comfortable grip.
It's still comfortable enough to hold with one hand or rest on your lap.
They're comfortable, good for you, and cost almost nothing.
Getting in gracefully takes a bit of practice, but the interior is surprisingly comfortable.
Once you're in, though, the car is remarkably comfortable.
After that, get the cheapest unit you're comfortable with.
So comfortable you'll actually look forward to wearing them.
Must be comfortable around four-legged winners and two-legged losers.
But if you look at a lot of the pictures you'll start to see that people's expressions are not quite that comfortable.
But approaching them as mysteries may make us more comfortable with the uncertainties of our age.
For years, he had used it in his infirmary, to make his fever patients more comfortable.
These musicians seemed incredibly comfortable around you.
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and come prepared with a sense of adventure and a text messaging enabled cell phone.
Most of the guys that are really good for a long period of time find something they're comfortable with and stick with it.
Ceiling fans can help regulate indoor temperature, making it more comfortable with less energy in summer, winter or in between.
But what's good for the haying is not always so comfortable for the haymaker.
It is durable, comfortable to walk on and comes in a mind-blowing array of colors and patterns.
We had coffees and hot cocoas and each others' companionship and were, quite simply, comfortable.
The paper will slowly be removed as the chicks become more comfortable with their surroundings.
We go with cotton-based material because it's comfortable and available and affordable.
Wear reliable, comfortable shoes that you have broken in.
Wear comfortable and loose clothing so that there is a lower risk of heat stroke, hypertension and high blood pressure.
Trailer camping may appear easier and more comfortable than tent camping, but the sport comes with its own set of challenges.
Pack comfortable socks and sneakers or other walking shoes for the theme parks.
Wear comfortable walking shoes to avoid blisters when touring.
These lodging options provide expansive views and comfortable amenities.
From convenient beach access, to family-friendly services, you'll enjoy a comfortable stay and keep within your budget.
Make sure your shoes or sneakers are comfortable and broken-in.
Guests may stay in any of the comfortable guest rooms or one of the five on-site suites.
These motels offer a variety of amenities and comfortable features.
Each option provides guests with comfortable features and a variety of amenities.
Comfortable sneakers that give good support are important for kids who are going to be doing a lot of sightseeing.
Take your pick of hotels with convenient locations, comfortable accommodations and opulent amenities.
Switching such things on before the driver gets in allows any car to be made comfortable.
Murals are even making a comeback, along with plastic elephants and comfortable chairs.
Sent to learn the family's traditional trade, he never seemed as comfortable with print.
Relying on capital flows to fund that is not always comfortable.
If you have the time, it is a comfortable alternative to a crowded aluminum tube.
Possibly, if smokers were also knocked off their comfortable perch within popular culture.
These close ties are not entirely comfortable for either side.
But the financial crisis has caused many people to rethink this comfortable arrangement.
We have to learn to be comfortable with our healthy selves.
Both countries should be content that they are walking down the road which is suitable for them, at a pace which is comfortable.
Bed, preferably with an electric blanket and piled high with thick duvets, is really the only comfortable place.
By comparison, the aftermath of the latest recession has been surprisingly comfortable.
Quiet and comfortable were my first impressions of the five-minute ride between the terminal and parking lot.
Another huge suicide bomb this week battered that comfortable self-image.
Large companies are designed to be comfortable with sustaining technologies.
Most acted as comfortable monopolists until only recently.
The principle of granting a few people comfortable privileges at the expense of the rest is not confined to the workplace.
The cozy back room ensures that a party of any size feels intimate and comfortable.
Your guests are settled in, comfortable, and hungry.
They are warm and comfortable, but far from beautiful.
The bees sit comfortable in their dark houses with the light of summer warming them from their honeycombs.
If that pattern is there, then you feel comfortable that the patient is in a drug-induced coma.
The ceiling fan, on the other hand, is built to keep the occupants of a room comfortable by moving air gently.
She felt a shivery thrill as everything about their comfortable old relationship suddenly seemed to change.
With the increasing elderly populations in much of the world these results could make life more comfortable for many.
But when the patients study words in the language they are more comfortable in, only that language improves.
And research has shown that when patients are more comfortable with their doctors, it can improve mental and physical wellbeing.
The nuclear advocates are comfortable in their doing their math about the safety.
We may as well be comfortable and peaceful while being addicted.
My favorite is letting go of needing to know and learn to be comfortable with uncertainty.
The leopard is so strong and comfortable in trees that it often hauls its kills into the branches.
Practice with people you know so that you are comfortable.
Sometimes changing color can make the chameleon more comfortable.
Wear comfortable, lightweight, rubber-soled shoes or sandals.
Padded, breathable fabric on back ensures cool, comfortable carrying.
Have the two students demonstrate what they consider to be a comfortable space between them as they converse.
The bias cut with elastic waist is comfortable enough to sightsee in all day, but dressy enough for dinner in town.
Generous pockets keep travel essentials close, and the cotton surface only gets softer and more comfortable with each washing.
Besides the thrill of discovery, old bones provide them with a comfortable livelihood.
The nation isn't seeing the unemployment rate decline, because consumers aren't comfortable spending freely.
And many of them enjoy the comfortable living arrangements allowed by such fortunes.
For one thing, extroverts are overrepresented in politics, a profession in which only the garrulous are really comfortable.
The chair is a frameless back so it uses a suspension material placed on a frame, which uses less materials and is comfortable.
But history is political and the deployment of comfortable narratives is a constant malady.
It asks people to reveal something about who they are, and not everyone is comfortable or compelled to do so.
Our cost of borrowing will continue to rise as investors become more comfortable about putting their money elsewhere.
They are comfortable making command decisions, working in teams, and motivating people.
These things make the streets more inviting, more comfortable, and ultimately safer.
Investors can eventually become comfortable with mortgage risk again.
Get comfortable with the fact that information is always out there and you can get to it when you need it.
But she lied, at first, to make him more comfortable.
When a recession ends, there tends to be some lag to when firms and companies are comfortable hiring aggressively again.
Over time you become more and more comfortable with it.
Tourists feel comfortable here and walk through its paths as though it were a botanical garden.
The sawdust in the icehouse makes a comfortable bottom in which to root, and a warm bed.
But his relation with the right was never comfortable.
These are hands that are not comfortable with pen and paper.
It would be a comfortable position, but it's an impossible one.
For one thing, he did not feel comfortable with any of the dominant literary styles.
It would invite dozens of matched couples to singles parties, knowing that people might be more comfortable in a group setting.
He was disrupting their comfortable business models.
But face to face he is often charming, and he's becoming more comfortable onstage.
For the past few years, he has often seemed more comfortable here than on the court.
She was not comfortable driving a standard transmission.
Human beings have never quite become comfortable with the idea of having their bodies cut open after they die.
His idea was to make cheap wine that yuppies would feel comfortable drinking.
They have techniques that they know and are comfortable with.
It is no mean feat to design a car that is fast and powerful yet comfortable and safe-and still affordable.
They've been more comfortable experimenting with their debt financing than experimenting with new service offerings.
It isn't clear whether all children are comfortable shifting from one form of written communication to another.
Certainly the next generation of workers will be more comfortable working online.
Other new research is aimed at ridding the mouth of harmful organisms that have already found comfortable habitats.
Families should feel comfortable using generic versions of the drugs.
Time to complete home improvement projects and to make your nest more comfortable.
Consultants who hold seminars explaining the basics of workplace casual are still making a comfortable living.
But having a recognizable last name doesn't mean she always feels comfortable in church.
At present, atmospheric gases trap enough heat close to the surface to keep things comfortable.
Still, he seemed perfectly comfortable with his role there.
Set your thermostat as low as is comfortable in the winter and as high as is comfortable in the summer.
In such a clubby, comfortable place, pronouncements about the origin of the cosmos seem a bit overreaching.
Similarly, her entire life has been condensed into a moving tale and an exceptional book that you could read in a comfortable day.
The gaming population turned out to be consistently more social, more confident, and more comfortable solving problems creatively.
Socially cohesive personalities teach us all how to be comfortable in life.
Climate change was a comfortable lie turned criminal exaggeration fueled by political correctness on steroids.
So find yourself a resolution you're comfortable with, sit back, and skim across the surface of this magnificent galaxy.
People have really gotten comfortable not only sharing more information and different kinds, but more openly and with more people.
We sometimes have to abandon old thoughts, outdated notions, and comfortable misconceptions.
Moreover, they grow comfortable with a wide array of sedating and paralyzing drugs.
Review the complete list to decide if you need to bring other items to make your stay more comfortable.
The result is higher utility bills and difficulty keeping the house comfortable, no matter how the thermostat is set.
Your home's ducts move heated and cooled air to the living areas to make you feel comfortable.
Stopping this air flow will keep heated indoor living space more comfortable and prevent increased energy bills.
He had improvised a windshield for the carrier to make the ride more comfortable for the dog.
Though not exactly self-effacing, he is clearly more comfortable talking and thinking about subjects other than himself.
It is a peculiar niche, but one in which he seems to feel entirely at home, if not entirely comfortable.
The ceilings are high, yet the rooms are cozy and comfortable.
Though their spirit was high, a grimmer reality was settling in-that things are only going to get less comfortable.
How that power might express itself at its fullest extent is not a profitable or comfortable speculation.
If you have any questions, you should feel comfortable to talk to me about it.
We were always right next to each other because it made us feel comfortable.
And part of its purpose is to make its occupants feel comfortable.
Enough room to breathe, and for a few people to stretch out, but not exactly comfortable.
Her father had been dodging reporters all week, but had seemed totally comfortable with this one.

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